Massage under medical supervision

Competent massage has an important place in medicine as a curative and wellness method. Its benefits are difficult to overestimate in terms of physical and psychological effects.

We are confident that massage can only be prescribed by a doctor. Massage procedures should be a deliberate step in order to achieve maximum personal therapeutic or health benefits for adults and children.

Manual massage has always preceded among other hardware effects on the skin, muscles, nervous and other biological systems of a person.

The massage procedure is also known for its psychological effect on unbalanced higher nervous activity.

In combination with drug treatment, it achieves a significant clinical effect in various diseases in pediatric and adult therapy. The body often requires the natural effects of massage, especially in certain painful conditions.

We offer to sign up for a massage and get professional help. If necessary, you can undergo the necessary diagnostics, get advice from a neurologist, rehabilitologist.


Collar area
30 min., 400 UAH

Light comfortable head massage, deep massage of the neck area and shoulders. This massage significantly improves blood flow, gradually reduces high blood pressure, reduces or relieves headaches, tension, improves sleep.

Сollar area
+ back to loin

45 min., 480 UAH

Light comfortable head massage, deep massage of the neck area and shoulders. This massage significantly improves blood flow, gradually reduces high blood pressure, reduces or relieves headaches, tension, improves sleep.


45 min., 820 UAH

Therapeutic and prophylactic procedures. Deep massage of subcutaneous adipose tissue gives a wonderful lymphatic drainage effect, reduces body volume, tightens the skin, removes unsightly formations.
We use professional high-quality anti-cellulite cosmetics.

30 min., 560 UAH

Gentle correct massage of the gastrointestinal tract. This massage reduces congestion in the internal organs, relieves bloating, normalizes metabolism, promotes the excretion of toxins through the bile, intestines and kidneys.

Thai restorative
45 min., 550 UAH

Deep foot massage gives a feeling of complete relaxation, rest and calm. Reflexively increases blood flow to the capillaries in the body, relieves muscle fatigue, restores the elasticity of ligaments and mobility of the joints in the foot. Painless in the flat feet and curvature of the toes are painlessly corrected. This massage relieves pain in the foot and lower back.


45 min., 1200 UAH

Slowing down the skin aging process, removing the visual signs of stress on the face. This massage helps to smooth out “goose bumps”, facial wrinkles around the eyes, it softens wrinkles around the lips, reduces the double chin. The oval of the face is tightened, the rise of the upper eyelids is improved, wrinkles on the neck are leveled. Restores the tone and elasticity of facial tissue and muscles.
Massage accelerates skin regeneration, which in the complex gives a wonderful lasting rejuvenating effect.


60 min., 640 UAH

Improves functioning of the entire lymphatic system. Lymphatic massage helps to remove edema, stagnation of excess fluid in the body. Body volume decreases fairly quickly (after the 3rd procedure). In addition to visual improvement of the body, this massage reduces headaches, normalizes blood pressure, gives a general relaxing effect and starts the process of self-healing of the body.

Neck correction
60 min., 560 UAH

A safe procedure to relax overextended neck and shoulder muscles. Slight stretching of the cervical vertebrae, improving blood outflow. Deep relaxation of the neck-collar zone, relaxation of the entire spine. Correct processing of fragile neck vertebrae with fingers. Removes dizziness, headaches, improves hearing and vision.

60 min., 620 UAH

Deep relaxation of the whole body. Massage affects the CNS through the receptor apparatus of the skin. Relieves neuromuscular tension, restores motor, protective, conductive and contractile functions of muscles. There is an effect of lightness throughout the body, in some cases deep sleep.

Restorative hands
40 min., 380 UAH

Thorough deep massage of muscles and joints of the hand with the subsequent restoration of motor activity, sensitivity, improvement of blood circulation in the capillaries of the fingers, prevention of numbness.

45 min., 960 UAH

Deep, cleansing, rejuvenating, warming massage.
Cleans the deep layers of the skin, removes toxins, salts, drug residues from the skin. Deep heating removes the effects of furuncles, softens and helps the resorption of knobs after injections.
Only zoned:

  • back + lower back,
  • lower back + buttocks + thigh,
  • face,
  • neckline,
  • shoulder + arm to the elbow,
  • the front of the thigh.

Contraindications: allergy to honey.


120 min., 1800 UAH

This is relaxation that everyone dreams of. This is a massage of delight and pleasure.
Two hours of delight in the chocolate aroma with the rejuvenation effect.
A light scrub of cocoa beans and a lot of chocolate pleasure.
Give yourself an unforgettable pleasure.
Present your family and loved ones with a gift certificate for a chocolate massage.

for women – 60 min., 700 UAH
for men – 60 min., 960 UAH

This is a comprehensive procedure to improve congenital and / or acquired physical and non-physical problems. General massage is a multi-level complex work with a muscular corset and soft tissues.
Due to the integrated approach and the use of different techniques, general massage has wonderful effects:

  • Weight loss;
  • Alignment of body contours;
  • Normalization of the hormonal background;
  • Restoration of sleep functions;
  • Reduction of edema;
  • Decreased appetite;
  • Removal from chronic fatigue;
  • General recovery of the body.

60 min., 765 UAH

Competent, postpartum recovery under the supervision of a rehabilitation specialist. Gradual weight loss without harm to lactation on the background of restoring the body’s water balance. Selection of special exercises to avoid sagging skin and sagging muscles. Strengthening the muscles of the back, restoring individual posture.