Medical Reference SLOYAN ICHRAN

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Medical Reference given to SLOYAN  ICHRAN

Patient data: SLOYAN ICHRAN (passport – AT0579418)

Accompanying person details: SLOYAN ISHKHAN (passport – AN0536254)

After an integrated multidisciplinary check-up, the following diagnosis has been made: Personality development disorder of the autism spectrum. Delay of psychospeech development in the form of sensory-motor alalia, psycho-emotional development and cognitive deficit. Hyperdynamic syndrome. Post-Covid vascular syndrome with severe microcirculation deficiency, progressive course in the form of the microthromboangiopathy combination and capillary hemorrhages, hemodynamic patterns of cardiovascular insufficiency and blood supply deficiency in the main arteries up to 50% of physiological age norm.

A 10-day course of intensive angiotherapy and psycho- and neuroprotective therapy has beeb conducted with personalized programs of daily correction of hemodynamic and neurodynamic parameters, arterial pressure and arterio-venous balance with a combination of vascular, nootropic, rheological, anxiolytic, cardio and angioprotective (actovegin, ginkgo biloba, mexiprim, metamax, L-lysine, neuroxon on a vascular corrective base).

Within 1 month in the outpatient mode is assigned:

to continue taking individually selected drug angiocorrective mixtures in syringes for permanent correction of angiotonus and neurodynamic imbalances and aimed at reducing myocardial ischemia by the author’s technologies of personalized angiocorrection on an evidence basis. Take 2 ml of the mixture intramuscularly. Store in the refrigerator. For transportation of medicinal mixtures by any means of transport the storage conditions are: refrigerator or in a refrigerated bag with ice cartridges. Containers of the drug mixtures – in syringes. Containers do not change during transportation and further use in order to avoid oxidation and chemical reaction, which will lead to spoilage of drug mixtures. The following drugs are added to the drug mixtures: caffeine benzoate – 5 ampoules, ascorbic acid – 10 ampoules, glycerin in vials – up to 20 vials.