Apparatus body correction


Beauty and health are the goals of every woman and man.

Our program of complex  body correction is a professional approach to solving the problem of overweight and metabolic disorders. We take into account not only the external parameters, but also the state of the body as a whole.

All stages are under the control of the chief physician!

Stage 1 – Ultrasound cavitation

Reduction of large fat cells to smaller ones to ensure easy excretion by the body’s natural metabolic processes.

Stage 2 – Radio wave lifting

Burning fat cells, reducing cellulite, shaping the body, improving blood circulation in problem areas.

Stage 3 – Skin cell regeneration and myostimulation

This stage has separate programs:

  • as a part of the program “Complex Body Correction”:

Skin cell regeneration, smooth and elastic appearance, reduced visibility of scars, tightened muscles and improved body contours;

Procedure for people with sport / domestic injuries

  • Correction of the structure and function of muscles, tendons, ligaments;
  • Restoration of blood flow in the affected tissues at the macro and micro levels;
  • Prevention of calcifications after injury and surgery.

The method has been developed by our Clinic’s experts, taking into account all possible risks for the body, some techniques for people with pathologies, who are usually contraindicated for many lifting procedures, diagnostics of indications / contraindications, detection of threats and critical moments (kidney problems, diabetes, muscle cramps, oncopathology etc.)

Beauty salons offer beauty. We offer beauty and health for you!

The program course starts from 10 days, after the completion of the first course the diagnostics is carried out and if necessary the next course is prescribed.

The Program Scheme:

  • Consultation of a physician;
  • Ultrasound diagnosis of fatty areas;
  • Planning an individual program just for your body;
  • Harmonization of the treatment plan and diet;
  • Liposuction procedures and other methods of skin and muscle lifting;
  • Droppers for elimination of toxins;
  • Daily supervision of a physician.
  • Control diagnostics;
  • Recommendations after the course.



  • Weight loss in 1 month – up to 10 kg. ;
  • Strained muscles;
  • Absence of cellulite;
  • Toxins excreted from the body;
  • No side effects;
  • Beautiful and healthy body!

*Important! Rapid weight loss is unacceptable and critical to the body. This can lead to blood vessel aneurysms and hemorrhages!

Our advantages:

  1. Health is restored under medical supervision.
  2. The body correction program includes the prevention of the intoxication of the body by the products of fat decay. This is not only a cosmetic improvement of the figure, but also restoration of the body health inside.
  3. The body correction program takes into account not only the “burning of fat” but also the restoration of tone of the skin and muscles, to avoid the phenomenon of “sagging belly and skin” after liposuction.
  4. In case of concomitant pathology, the doctor will offer you not only a program of complex correction of your body, but also the treatment plan for detected pathology.
Prices of procedures in the program Complex body correction
Area The procedure duration Cost (UAH) Courses (procedures) Total (UAH)
Belly 40min 550,00 10 5500
Sides 40min 500,00 10 5000
Hands 30min 350,00 10 3500
Hips 40min 450,00 10 4500
Seat 40min 500,00 10 5000
Chin 30min 300,00 10 3000
Back 40min 450,00 10 4500
Whole body 35% discount 60min 2015,00 10 20150
Droppers for elimination of toxins 1256,00 3 3768