“Men’s Health” program

Treatment of disorders of the genitourinary system, erectile dysfunction

The genitourinary system “enables” almost all systems of the body to cooperate for its successful functioning – from the shine in one’s eyes and the reaction of the pupils to a pretty girl/boy, an attractive smell, etc.

A complex interaction of the nervous, vascular, hormonal, and other body systems takes place to excite the sexual sphere.

In the process of launching subconscious reactions and instincts, various failures are possible, both in the direction of overexcitation and uncontrolled release of emotions, instincts, and actions, and in the direction of extinction, slowed reaction or even interruption of the excitation process. This is the complexity of genitourinary disorders, which require a comprehensive approach to diagnosis both from the side of the health of the hormonal and infectious mirror of the genitourinary system, as well as the complex system of interaction of the brain, emotions, vascular blood supply of the pelvic organs and genitals, as well as the condition of the spine and joints.

That is why for problems of the genitourinary sphere (from urinary incontinence with a full bladder, urinary incontinence after a stroke, brain injuries, etc. to problems with erectile dysfunction: decreased libido, erection, potency, etc.), we apply complex multidisciplinary approaches with research:

  • systems of blood supply and blood filling of genital organs;
  • diagnosis of psycho-emotional and neurodynamic problems of an asthenic or depressed brain;
  • diagnostics of the system of inertia or rapid action;
  • assessment of the level of functional activity of the microcirculation system, assessment of the condition of the spine and pelvic organs in chronic pain syndrome, etc.

Integrated approaches enable us to successfully solve the problems of erectile dysfunction. In addition, during the treatment, the state of microcirculation of the patient’s body improves, which in turn has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system in general.


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