Comprehensive treatment program for the elderly

Comprehensive treatment program for older people (Course – 1 month)
Restoration of vital resources, prolongation of life, rejuvenation of the body, improvement of mobility, forget what are joint pains, night pains, insomnia, noises in the head, swelling in the legs, improve eyesight, improve heart function.

The program includes solutions to the following problems:

Headache Fainting Reduced memory Chronic fatigue syndrome
Sleepiness Heart pain Hypertension Joints pain
Cerebrovascular diseases Arterial hypertension Arthrosis Varicose veins
Edema on the legs Reduced visual acuity Reduced memory Hearing loss
Insomnia or sleep disorders Cerebrostenia

The well-known singer and great supporter of Ukraine Andriy Makarevich very well and accurately described the problems of the elderly in his essay  «Live long» .

Our Clinic can change the life stage to an interesting and healthy – “Second Youth”.

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