Diagnostics at the Clinic of Vascular Innovations!

Our principles of integrated check-up are quite different from the most, and we are convinced that only an examination of all organs and systems by an experienced physician and with the help of up-to-date equipment really give effective results and answers to the questions of what to do next!

At the Clinic of Vascular Innovations we diagnose blood supply disorders of all organs and systems in the human body, as the state of the vascular system shows the proper functioning of these organs. We also study brain function both by the EEG data and the results of examination by a neurologist, psychiatrist, psychologist, rehabilitologist, and other specialists of the Clinic.

Almost all the methodologies applied at the Clinic are patented.

More about diagnostic methods:

Integrated diagnostics

USD – ultrasound diagnostics of all organs and systems

USD of brain vessels with the Angiomarkers technology

ECG – electrocardiography with detailed decoding and screening of ischemic myocardial changes

EEG – electroencephalography

Vascular Screening – Capillaroscopy