Therapy is aimed at relieving symptoms and various signs of diseases in adult patients. Consultation of a general practitioner is the first stage from which the diagnosis and treatment starts. Such a specialist identifies pathological changes in the state of health, disturbances in the normal processes of life, establishes their causes. As necessary, a patient can be referred for consultation with narrow specialists for further treatment.

The Clinic of Healthy Vessels provides patients with an opportunity to undergo an integrated diagnostics to identify the causes of poor health. The Clinic applies the following diagnostic methods:

  • ultrasound diagnostics of all organs and systems;
  • electrocardiography with detailed decoding;
  • electroencephalography;
  • capillaroscopy.

An integrated approach provides a comprehensive check-up of the cardiovascular system, helps with the help of modern equipment to make the correct diagnosis, to choose an individual treatment plan.

The therapist most often deals with the diseases such as:

  • hypertonic disease;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • arthritis;
  • arthrosis;
  • rheumatism;
  • joint diseases;
  • varicose veins;
  • swelling of the lower extremities;
  • nosebleeds;
  • anemia.

More often, disorders of normal blood circulation in the vascular system is the cause of such illnesses. Headaches, dizziness, hypertension, palpitations, general weakness, discomfort, panic attacks, poor sleep, and memory impairment are common symptoms. The patient does not always know which doctor to contact in such situations. It is the therapist, who can conduct the initial diagnosis, establish the cause of the disorders.

Treatment and rehabilitation of vascular pathologies help patients improve their quality of life. For this, the Clinic applies a personalized approach. The sooner the patient asks for medical help, the greater the chance of full recovery.

The clinic’s doctors apply their own developments and methods that have proven effective in the treatment of vascular pathologies. All stages of treatment are monitored and controlled, which makes possible to achieve positive results. Prevention is also fundamental. Refusal of bad habits, physical activity, balanced nutrition will help the body to function normally.

The Clinic of Healthy Vessels is located in Kyiv. Its main areas of work are vascular diagnostics, treatment and prevention, neurorehabilitation. Doctors of the Clinic apply copyright developments and patented methods for the treatment of vascular diseases. For more detailed information please contact the staff by phone or through the Clinic’s website.