Title Price (UAH)
Integrated check-up
An integrated check-up with the participation of Professor Lushchyk UB (including mathematical modeling) 15000
An integrated multidisciplinary diagnostics and mathematical modeling for patients in critical conditions (Apallic syndrome, stroke, heart attack) – with the participationwith of Professor Lushchyk UB  29400
Ultrasound diagnostics (USD)
USDG of head vessels and neck, screening 1800
USD of vessels of head and neck, comprehensive 2040
USDG of vessels of upper limbs, screening 850
USD of vessels of upper limbs, comprehensive 930
USDG of vessels of lower limbs, screening 900
USD of vessels of lower limbs, comprehensive 1150
USD of musculoskeletal system, screening 550
USD of musculoskeletal system, comprehensive 1060
USD of heart 950
USD of abdominal organs, screening 520
USD of abdominal organs, comprehensive 785
USD of thyroid gland, screening 350
USD of thyroid gland, comprehensive 700
USD of prostate, screening 690
USD of prostate vessels,comprehensive 740
USD of pelvic organs, screening 600
USD breast, screening 550
Monitoring of cerebral blood flow 780
Monitoring of cerebral blood flow performed by doctor of medical sciences 3850
Electroencephalography (EEG)
EEG screening for adults 790
EEG for children from 7 to 14 years 850
EEG for children under 6 years 1200
Vascular screening technology

(optical smart capillaroscopy)

Capillaroscopy 850
Detailed capillaroscopic examination of hands 1540
Detailed capillaroscopic examination of the legs 2200
Electrocardiogram (ECG)
ECG 790
ECG with screening for ischemic myocardial changes 890
Consultations of experts, on-line consultations
Neurological (psycho-neurological), conducted by a professor, MD. Lushchyk U.B. 1800

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