Check-up programs

Innovative solutions in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and brain pathology

Health Day at your office!

The modern world dictates its conditions!

The modern world is taking away our precious time!

The modern world offers new opportunities!

Inhabitants of big cities do not have time to visit a doctor for consultation, and even more so for diagnostics. This is due to intensive work schedules and a great loss of time to travel around the city.

Burnout syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, the loss of key employees and consequently disruption of important business processes are all causes for negligent treatment for various reasons and circumstances.

Setting aside the most important questions – our health issues – we run the risk. We run the risk of getting on the hospital bed, risking disability and losing our jobs, risking losing health, staying on board.


Our Clinic has ready-made solutions to prevent the disease and prevent catastrophes such as stroke, heart attack, and more.

Dear Employers!

Please allocate a day for yourself and your subordinates. A team of our experts goes to your office with equipment and performs diagnostic tests:

  • ECG – Electrocardiogram with screening for ischemic myocardial changes
    TCS – Vascular Screening Technology – Vascular Screening

This requires:

  • One room with sofa, table and 2 chairs
  • One person survey duration is 15-25 minutes.
  • Surveys are non-invasive, do not require special training and conditions.

The offered diagnostics are exclusive, the examination is innovative and informative! Each patient will receive a doctor’s opinion and recommendations. And all this without going outside the office!

Examination cost: VST- 850,00 UAH, ECG – 790,00. Departure subject to a minimum of 10 persons for examination.

Save your time and health!
Take the opportunity to become the best employer!

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