Special program for the military

Honor and glory to Ukrainian soldiers!

An intensive course of complex treatment / psychoneurorehabilitation based on the results of a multidisciplinary study

  1. Neuro-ophthalmology – deterioration of vision, instability of visual acuity, treatment of partial atrophy of the optic nerve after craniocerebral injuries;
  2. Restoration of brain functions after contusions, craniocerebral injuries – work with consequences;
  3. Restoration of the functions of the vascular system after frostbite of the limbs, traumatic ischemia of the limbs (post-amputation syndrome);
  4. Convulsive syndrome;
  5. Angiopsycho-neurology – panic attacks and anxiety states, depression, sleep disorders, uncontrolled aggression, apathy, memory disorders, cognitive-mental disorders;
  6. Restoring the functions of the musculoskeletal system,
  7. Genitourinary system – urinary incontinence, libido disorders, erections, potency, vascular infertility
  8. Post-traumatic stress disorder with disorders of behavior, speech, thinking, working memory, cognitive function.
  9. Consultative work with patients in severe post-comatose states (vegetative state / apalic syndrome) – field examinations, development of a neurorehabilitation plan, remote medical support.


  •  Comprehensive individual treatment programs have been developed for the military:

– Short-term course for vacation time – 10 days.;

– Long-term neurorehabilitation – from 30 days

  • The cost of diagnostic procedures as part of the treatment is free
  •  Cost of treatment – 40% discount + remote medical support after treatment


For consultation, please call: +38 096 598 82 89



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