Angiotherapy is a technology for correcting vascular disorders under the control of evidence-based medicine.

The primary task of such treatment is to affect the root cause of the patient deterioration, not the symptoms, to restore blood supply at the micro- and macro-circulatory level to restore the affected functions.

Stable blood supply at the level of all organs and systems is necessary for the satisfactory functioning of the body, primarily the cardiovascular system. We recommend integrated diagnostics to identify blood supply disorders and other negative changes in the body’s functioning. Such a diagnosis is suitable for those patients who, for various reasons, cannot diagnose the problem and find the right decision on what to do next and whom to contact.

After a comprehensive check-up, an individual Angiotherapy is selected. This is an in-depth analysis of the examination data through mathematical modeling, taking into account all the characteristics of the patient (age, gender, psychological state, possible existing chronic diseases and many other parameters – more than 100 hemodynamic parameters are evaluated).

Angiotherapy can be both prevention of cardiovascular diseases and intensive therapy after heart attack, stroke and other cerebrovascular pathologies and diseases. Angiotherapy is also used as an adjunctive therapy for endocrinological diseases – restoration of organs affected by diabetes.

We have assumed the responsibility to solve the patient’s problem comprehensively both during the examination and during treatment. We believe that this is the most effective way to really rid the patient of the disease in the shortest possible time.

Diagnostics takes place in one place, without additional tests and procedures that take a lot of time.
Treatment using Angiotherapy technology takes place under the daily supervision of a doctor.
In the course of treatment, there is mandatory monitoring of the dynamics of changes – these are appropriate examinations. Upon completion, a comprehensive control review is conducted – assessment of positive changes under the control of evidence-based medicine.

Angiotherapy is for you if you have one of the following symptoms: 

  • – Headaches of uncertain nature;

    – Anxiety, panic attacks for no apparent reason;

    – Sleep disturbance;

    – High or low blood pressure (hypertension/hypotension) – pills do not help or have side effects.

    – If you know that you belong to the risk group of cardiovascular diseases;

    – Have had covid and have an undiagnosed post-covid syndrome;

    – Violation of attention and memory for reasons incomprehensible to you;

    – Any vascular pathology/disease that does not require surgical intervention;

    – Discoloration of fingers or toes, feeling of coldness in the extremities;

    – Identified psycho-neurological disorders;

    – Neuroophthalmological diseases;

    – Brain pathologies (children and adults – epilepsy, autism, delay in psycho-speech development).

These are far from all, but the main symptoms that the patient can formulate and quickly determine for himself.

Angiotherapy is a scientifically proven effective method of comprehensive treatment of cerebrovascular, cardiovascular, psycho-neurological diseases.