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Dear visitors of our site! Hear you can find a list of diseases that are diagnosed and treated in our clinic according to personalised approaches. On this page you can choose an illness which interests you, click on it and get full information about diagnostics and treatment in our clinic. The treatment of these diseases is based on detection of disorders in blood supply of an organ, restoration of blood supply in the cardiovascular system, diminishing of expressed venous congestion and dysfunction of vascular bed, and also in renewal of adequate functioning of the nervous system and the brain, diminishing of disbalance in functioning of the vegetative nervous system and leveling of psychosomatic stratifications .



Arrhythmias (abnormal heart rhythm)
Arterial hypertension
• Heart pain
Vegetative-vascular dystonia
Numbness or cold feeling in extremities
Coronary heart disease (also known as coronary artery disease and ischemic heart disease)





Reduction of visual acuity or blurred vision acuity
• Visual agnosia
Intermittent strabismus
Partial atrophy of the optic nerve


Worsening of hearing 
Otitis, frontitis, maxillary sinusitis
Auditory agnosia
Hardness of hearing, deaf-mutism
Noise in the ears or head



Gestosis (toxemia of pregnancy)
Dizziness during pregnancy
Strokes of pregnant women and mothers

The success of the Clinic of Healthy Vessels is based on the application of the author’s techniques for personalized treatment of children and adults under the supervision of highly qualified experts with modern medical equipment.
Getting stable positive treatment results becomes possible owing to an integrated approach to physical, mental and social health, and provides a comprehensive examination, which reveals imbalance in the basic systems, taking into account individual characteristics of the organism.
Our experts have the opportunity to work directly on the underlying cause of the disease at an early stage, taking into account weak links in the body that must be considered with special attention not to cause them harm.


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