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Why us? Our main advantages

The main competence of the clinics is unique proprietary technologies of vascular diagnostics and the restoration of blood circulation in the human body.

Since blood circulation is the basis of the vital activity of all human organs and systems, we have learned how to effectively restore blood supply in various vascular basins - the brain, liver, kidneys, bones, etc.

That is why we have such a large list of diseases that we treat.

The main profile of the clinic is the problems of blood circulation and the brain using an integrated approach to their diagnosis and effective treatment. Our competitive advantage is a personified integrated approach to solving the problem of a patient and his relatives. Individually oriented treatment and rehabilitation with a positive end result.

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Технология сосудистого скриннига (капиляроскопия)

This is a wide-angle capilaroscopy that gives an image of several rows of capillaries ...

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Angiotherapy is an adjunct therapy to the main treatment protocol.

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Diagnosis and treatment takes place under the expert supervision of Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences Luschyk Ulyana Bohdanivna

Scientific consultant of the Clinic
Vascular Innovation
Istina Veritas

Do you have a headache or does your boss have a headache?

Flammer-syndrom – a new diagnosis of people of intellectual work (accountants, top managers, head). If you have the symptoms listed above, do not hesitate - go through the diagnostics on time!
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99% of the success of treatment depends on the correct diagnosis, and therefore on the quality of the diagnosis. At the Clinic for Vascular Innovation diagnostics are carried out on modern equipment using complex approaches in order to establish the root causes of complaints of well-being or illness.

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The Clinic for Vascular Innovation uses proprietary techniques, individually oriented treatment programs, and conducts instrumental control of the recovery process. We consider the result to be successful, it remains stable for years without the help of drugs or intensive procedures. Adhering to this approach, we are able to help even patients who are "incurable" and "incurable" from the point of view of generally accepted methods.

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The most important stage in the treatment of psycho-neurological diseases is rehabilitation. Provides a set of medical, psychological, pedagogical and other measures to restore the health of a person with limited (due to illness or injury: post-stroke, post-infarction conditions, after TBI) physical and mental capabilities.

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