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The clinic for vascular innovations with copyrighted technologies of Ulyana B Lushchyk, MD, cor.member of ATS of Ukraine

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Why we? Our main advantages

The unique copyrighted technologies for vascular diagnostics and renewal of blood supply in the organism is the basic competence of the clinic. As blood circulation is a source of vital functions of all organs and systems, we mastered effectively to restore blood supply in different vascular reservoirs - brain, liver, kidneys, bones and other.

Therefore we have so large list of illnesses that we treat.

The clinic specialises in problems with blood circulation and brain applying integrated approach to their diagnostics and effective treatment. Our competitive advantage - the personalized complex approach to solving problems of a patient and his relatives. The personalized treatment and rehabilitation for positive end-point.

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On-line consultation of a chief doctor Igor P. Babii and Doctor of Medicine Ulyana B. Lushchyk.
The firt consultation is paid. The cost is specified after receiving necessary documents on e-mail of the site.


Do you or your chief have a headache?

Flammer-syndrome is a new diagnosis of intellectual professions (accountants, top-managers etc). If you have such symptoms don't waste time and pass the diagnostics in time! More →

The experts in the Clinic of healthy vessels have initiated new directions for development of medical science in Ukraine. We patented technologies for more perfect diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation in neurology, cardiology, therapy, paediatrics, endocrinology, ENT-pathology, psychology, obstetrics. The developments do not include any "alternative medicine", which may contradict the official treatment schemes. We have complemented and strengthened the acknowledged methods due to new developments in medicine and ІТ-fields. First of all, for 30 years we have studied risk factors, development, illness’s influence. In 1996 our knowledge succeeded to be concentrated in the computer programs. And today a highly sensitive intellectual technique can estimate in hundred times better, analyse, and predict the human state. To liquidate the pathology at early stages. Anyone can pass the 5-minute check-up to remove majority of illnesses prior to appearance of the expressed symptoms.

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Igor P. Babii,
Chief doctor in the Clinic of healthy vessels

Ulyana B. Lushchyk,
Research consultant in the Clinic of healthy vessels

Nadiya G. Lushchyk,
neurologist in the Clinic of healthy vessels

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(073) 420 30 42





The first visit to "Clinic of healthy vessels" starts with the obligatory integrated check-up. Then you get the recommendations of expert consultation. Next day after diagnostics we:
  1. Prepare the medical conclusion about the health state.
  2. Discuss with you individual program for prophylaxis or treatment.
  3. Give, if necessary, 15-minute consultation your relatives.

Integrated check-up is a diagnostics of all organs and systems, which is completed by the concilium of the clinical experts with participation of Doctor of medical sciences Ulyana B. Lushchyk. It is conducted with the purpose to find a primary cause of complaints or disease.

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In the Clinic of healthy vessels next specialists will give consultations for you: neurologist (ordinary, deep, with a concilium), therapist (ordinary, deep, with a concilium), paediatrician with a concilium, psychologist, speech therapist, rehabilitologist, ENT, angiologist (ordinary or doctor of medical sciences), psychiatrist (ordinary or doctor of medical sciences). Time of the consultation, condition and result of grant to consultation - ? Consultations of one or few specialists are included to the special packages of diagnostics, oriented to the personal necessities:
  1. By age: «Certification of a new born», «Student problems», «the youth comes back», «Mature age».
  2. By disease profile: «Angioneurology», «Psychoneurology», «Cardioneurology», «Cardioangiology», «Angioendocrinology», «Angiogynecology», «Man health», «Angioobstetrics», «Childless family», «Angioautism», «Angiopsychiatry», «Angioepilepsy».
  3. By complaints: «Joint pain», «Vessels in upper limbs», «Vessels in lower limbs», «Vessels of internal organs», «Your sight», «Your hearing», «Your speech», «Your movement», «Chronic fatigue», «Mental development».

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Core directions of the Clinic: neurology, cardiology, therapy, paediatrics, endocrinology, ENT-pathology, psychology, obstetrics.

Our success is in copyrighted methods, personalized treatment programs, expert team and up-to-date medical devices for diagnostics and monitor of the recovery process. We consider a successful result to be stable for years without medicinal preparations or intensive procedures. It is possible only when problems of physical, mental and social health of a patient are settled in a complex.

Holding such approach, we are able to help even "incurable" patients, from the point of view of the generally accepted methods.

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Rehabilitation is an important treatment stage of psychoneurological disease. It includes a set of medical, psychological, pedagogical and other measures for health renewal of a man with the limited (as a result of an illness or an injury) physical and psychical abilities.

In heavy moments of your life, when you need care and sympathy, benevolent and tactful relation, knowledge and expert skills, we will come to help.

Together we can find a way to recovery, gradually, step by step, we renew a faith in reserve potential of the organism, a hope on self-service, and in course of time and professional renewal in studies and labour.

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