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The CLINIC OF VASCULAR INNOVATIONS is a medical establishment, which applies innovative approaches to complex solving of problems of patients of vascular and psychoneurological type. Up-to-date diagnostic devices enable the medical&rehabilitation team of the Clinic to give to the patient reliable information about his health. The clinic offers also prophylactic measures to improve the capacity and life quality at high level. The clinic’s team offers effective ways of health improvement or recovery due to unique technologies developed in Istyna-Veritas Research center (www.angio-veritas.com). Our experts can restore functioning of the nervous and vascular systems and the brain correcting psychoemotional condition on the basis of evidential medicine due to implementation of smart medical technologies and own developments. The clinic of healthy vessels has been function to return the health to the people of different age categories for more than 19 years.


  •  Vascular diagnostics and personalized vascular therapy;
  •  Neuropsychodynamic diagnostics of the brain dysfunctions (functional disorders);
  •  The complex approach to solving patients’ problems;
  •  A medical prophylaxis of vascular disorders for practically healthy;
  •  Neurorehabilitation of psychoneurological patients.


  • Basic diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation - vascular and psychoneurological diseases;
  • Neurorehabilitation.
  • Deep knowledge of the cardiovascular system functioning.
  • Integrated diagnostics of the whole organism to find weak links in the organism’s functioning
  • The personalised approach to problems of every patient.
  • Complete mutual trust and atmosphere of domestic comfort.
  • Personalised approach to treatment according to copyright methods for renewal of blood supply for organs and systems in the human organism. List of diseases that we treat
  • 8. The treatment is monitored by modern medical equipment, that allows to get a positive result and stabilize the work of the organism. The result is stable from half-year to 6 years depending on the illness.
All necessary information about diagnostics and treatment you can find at our website https://inno-health.com/ or call us (044) 467 63 89 or +38 (073) 420 30 42.

A human is like a tree. A good crown is a healthy tree. A poor crown indicates problems in its nutrition. The similar situation happens in the human organism with the vascular system, which nourishes all organs and systems, providing blood supply and necessary metabolism. How do you represent your organism from positions of blood supply? Please choose one of 6 images.
and get recommendations about your health тексті.
IstynaVeritas Clinic of Vascular Innovations is a medical establishment, which gives detailed information to a patient about his health and offers both effective ways for the improvement or recovery and prophylactic measures with the aim of supporting the capacity at high level.
The Clinic specializes in restoration of normal functioning of the nervous and vascular systems and the brain together with a correction of psychoemotional states on the basis of demonstrative medicine with implementation of progressive medical technologies and own developments.
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