Anti-aging therapy

Since the remotest time the humanity tried to find a “philosophical stone” and secret of eternal youth, and these attempts usually appeared ineffective through the wrong task. In fact the organism senescence is the same natural process like the growth and development in youth. However, according to the adaptation-regulator theory of senescence, the “anti-aging” system is together with the destructive process of senescence in the human organism, it is directed in support of viability of the organism, functions, its adaptation, increase of life-span.

On the basis of these presentations there was an idea of therapy aimed at preventing changes which are the basis of development of age-old pathology. It stipulated the direction in medicine named “anti-aging” therapy. “Anti-aging” therapy includes both the culture of healthy way of life and application of medicinal and non-medicinal measures directed to the increase of regenerative potential of senescent organism, increase of its immune defence, counteract to the genetic mutations and increase of supply of life strengths.

From the point of view of modern science, it is necessary to fight not with a senescence process, but in time to prevent all undesirable phenomena of mature period in human life. Then the autumn of life will bring not illnesses and loss of attractiveness, but like autumn season will become a gold and sun period for pleasure of the garden-stuffs work and of friends, the period of trips, gladness with children and grandchildren, will allow to prolong valuable life in all its aspects.

The process of rejuvenation can be started, not expecting the displays of serious illnesses, in the age after 35 years.

  • The signs for beginning of anti-aging therapy:
    · worsening of intellectual and physical abilities
    · general fatigue
    · worsening of the immune system
    · exhaustion of the vegetative-nervous system as a result of stress
    · decline of libido
    · depression, insomnia
    · chronic illnesses: migraine, headaches, neuralgia, pains in a back, inflammation of sciatic nerve
    · complication after operations and illnesses.

Everyone, who constantly overstrains the organism as a result of the intensive sports, active public or political activity, doing business needs anti-aging therapy.

Integrated non-invasive diagnostics includes:
1. Ultrasound diagnostics of main and peripheral arteries and veins of head, liver, kidneys and limb regional circulation
2. Capillaroscopy of the thinnest vessels of the human body
3. ECG-screening of ischemic changes in myocardium
4. Electroencephalography – assessment of the brain functioning
5. Somatic examination
6. Neurological examination
7. Rehabilitation examination – assessment of adaptiveness of the vascular system to physical and emotional loads
8. Psychodiagnostics on the subject of exclusion of psychosomatic etiology of the disease and influence of fixed emotional loads on the vascular system

The benefits of diagnosis and treatment of anti-aging therapy in our clinic
The clinic’s work is based on innovative technologies of Lushchyk U.B., MD developed in Veritas Research Center.
Our clinic operates with author’s innovative approaches to diagnostics and treatment of the whole human body that have been successfully applied for 20 years on the health care market:

1) The integrated approach to assessment of pathologies of the whole human body
2) The emphasis on the vascular system investigation as the main channel of organs’ and systems’ blood supply
3) Unique technologies for investigation of the venous system as the system of blood outflow – a prototype of a sewerage system in the human body
4) Assessment of the organism’s functioning on the level of blood supply sufficiency and organ or system functioning
5) Assessment of the organism’s adaptiveness and adequacy of its functioning on physical and psychoemotional loads
6) Assessment of the logic of recreational (sanogenic) or pathological adaptations of the organism to different environmental changes (meteodependence, meteosensitivity, meteoropathies)
7) Comprehension of the logic of organism’s responses to different diseases

Advantages of vascular anti-aging therapy:
· normalization of work of the cardiovascular system
· normalization and stimulation of metabolism;
· increasing activity of immune and neur- and endocrine systems;
· anti-tumour influence;
· delay of senility, multifunction rejuvenating of the organism;
· has the brightly expressed curative effect at the most various pathologies.