Diabetes mellitus of I type. Hypertensive illness. Interview with a patient, Ivan Sh.

Diagnosis:  diabetes mellitus of I type. Hypertensive illness of II st. Hypertensive illness of IIst.

Diabetic polyneuropathy of lower extremities, mixed sensibly-vegetative-motion form, middle degree of severity. Diabetic angiopathy of retinas of both eyes.

Discirculatory encephalopathy of IIst. of the mixed genesis with expressed cephalgic, vestebulo-atctic and astheno-neurotic syndrome on a background of a bilateral pyramidal deficit, acute phase.

Incurability degree: high

Amount of the treatment courses: 4 for 1 year


Two years ago he asked to amputate his leg. The story of blood circulation restoration in feet on a background of the combined atherosclerotic defeat, diabetes mellitus and post-thromboflbic syndrome.


Article”Swelling in legs disappeared after cleaning of vessels”

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