Treatment of Down syndrome

Tanya B., born in 1998

Diagnosis: Down syndrome. Arrest of psycho-speech and stato-kinetic development.

Beginning of treatment: August 2004

Had 10 scheduled courses of intensive developing treatment (duration 15 days each) till October 2007


a) neurological:

Before treatment – absence of speech comprehension and reproduction, unable to be organized, orientation reflexes without instinct of self-preservation, active negativism to surrounding;  

After treatment – comprehends the lessons’ structure, stable attention, performs motional instructions of average difficulty, during communication with coevals takes the initiative;

rehab7b) hemodynamical:

Before treatment–intracranial hypertension in the anterior cranial fossa, venous hypertonia (more on the left side), expressed pathological shunting into the cavernous sinus;

After treatment – signs of slight intracranial hypertension in the anterior cranial fossa, moderate venous hypertonia, pathological shunting decreases up to a thread-like;

rehab8c) psychological:

Before treatment – general development of the psychological sphere corresponds to two-years-old age;

After treatment – the girl can study skills of self-service.

Development of the speech- increasing of active and passive vocabulary, makes simple sentences, keeps a dialog, can apply to adults herself.

Acquires skills of reading, counting. Cognitive processes become more voluntary, thinking is developing.  She can paint a sun, cloud, rain, flower herself.

rehab9d) logopedic:

Before treatment – second prespeech level of development;

After treatment – second speech level (speech with simple sentences).

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