Taking into account the today’s environment, nutrition and stress, most people have problems with being overweight.

Most often, these are fat deposits in the area of the buttocks and/or abdomen. This is a common problem that usually occurs due to endocrine or metabolic disorders.

The human body is arranged in such a way that some of the incoming fats are absorbed, and some are broken down with the help of natural lipolysis.

Lecithin, which removes adipocytes, takes an active part in this process. However, when the fat process is disturbed, the deposits become dense and break down poorly, so they begin to accumulate actively and quickly, which leads to the appearance of cellulite.

Injections of lipolytics are an up-to-date and safe method in aesthetic medicine to improve your shape without surgical interventions and exhausting diets.

What is lipocorrection and how does this procedure work

Lipolytic injections are an effective, absolutely safe injection procedure. The program includes some drugs that activate fat burning processes in a certain area of the body: face, stomach, buttocks, etc.

With the help of injections of lipolytics, which include a number of special components, the fat is first broken down and then removed through the lymphatic system. That is, there are no artificial interventions in the human body, everything is completely natural.

Thanks to lipocorrection, it is possible to eliminate not only minor changes, but also deep local fat deposits.