Modern methods of weight loss

Today, there are many methods to reduce body fat. In this article we will consider the most popular of them.

Let’s start with ultrasound cavitation. This method is based on the use of low-frequency ultrasound, under the influence of which there is a decrease in large fat cells (adipocytes) to smaller sizes. Thus, it is possible to activate and facilitate their elimination from the body during physiological metabolic processes.

The advantages of the technique include non-invasiveness, painlessness, absence of hematomas, scars, stable results, even weight loss, absence of the need to use compression underwear, as well as the complete preservation of skin sensitivity in the areas of ultrasound exposure.

The next method of dealing with extra weight is radio wave lifting. It deals with the dissolution of adipocytes. Tissue heating using radio waves leads to the destruction of the membrane of fat cells, which is accompanied by the release of fatty acids and water-soluble glycerol.

Thus, the dissolution of fat, active lymphatic drainage and acceleration of local blood flow provide decrease in body volume, the formation of beautiful forms. The advantages of the procedure include painlessness, avoids any burns, bruises, scars, the procedure can be used for people with different skin types.

Another step to losing weight is the use of overlays with a photon. Under the influence of electrical impulses, infrared light, the body volume decreases, cellular regeneration is activated, as a result of which the skin becomes smooth and elastic.

To achieve the desired result and avoid complications, it is recommended to adhere to the following rules:

  • during the week before the procedure, you should consume more than 1 liter of liquid per day, stop taking medications (as agreed with the doctor), control the volume, calorie content of food, refuse alcohol (the day before the procedure);
  • on the day of the procedure it is recommended to drink at least a liter of still water (excluding tea, drinks), you should refuse coffee, carbonated drinks, heavy meals (4 hours before the start);
  • after the procedure, it is advisable to exercise, drink more than a liter of water, eat right, do not drink alcohol;
  • for several days after the procedure, you should adhere to proper nutrition, drink more than a liter of water, control the calorie content of food and engage in sports exercises.

You should remember that each method of losing weight has its own contraindications, ignoring which can not only lead to the absence of the desired result, but also the appearance of adverse reactions. That is why it is so important to examine and evaluate state of your health.

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