Arterial hypertension: everyone should know

Arterial hypertension (hyperpiesis, hypertensive disease, arterial high blood pressure) is a syndrome of increased arterial pressure (AP).

Essential arterial hypertension makes 90-95% of arterial hypertension, in other cases the secondary, symptomatic arterial hypertensions are diagnosed:

– renal – 3-4%

– endocrine – 0,1-0,3%

– hemodynamic

– neurological

– of stress

– predefined by the use of certain substances or preparations

– arterial hypertension of pregnant

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Optimal arteriotony – no more than 120/80 mmHg

Normal arteriotony – no more than130/85 mmHg

Arteriotony admissible limits as a state of pre-disease – 140/90 mmHg

At arterial hypertension there are such changes in the organism:

  • vasoconstriction and loss of their elasticity;
  • increase of muscular mass (hypertrophy) of the left ventricle of the heart;
  • progress of atherosclerosis;
  • an increase of loading on kidneys.

Our complex approaches,

 advantages, efficiency,

 diagnostics and treatment

 of arterial hypertension.

What influences on a prognosis for patients with AH?

Cardiovascular diseases develop mainly at such risk factors:

  • increased AP of І-ІІІ degree
  • age over 55 years for men and over 65 years for women
  • smoking
  • increased level of cholesterol in blood
  • diabetes mellitus
  • anamnesis in relation to cardiovascular pathology: cardiovascular diseases in young age in family
  • members, abdominal obesity (waist circumference over 102 cm for men and 88 cm – for women)
  • content of С-reactive protein in blood over 1 mg/l.

The greatest risk in relation to complications

 or lethal end is for persons who have such

 concomitant diseases:

  • diabetes mellitus
  • cerebrovascular diseases (ischemic stroke, haemorrhagic stroke, etc.)
  • heart disease of (heart failure, heart attack of myocardium, stenocardia), state after the operation of coronal revascularisation etc
  • kidney disease (diabetic nephropathy, kidney insufficiency)
  • disorder in peripheral vessels; heavy retinopathy (haemorrhage or exudates).

How to diagnose AH?

An arterial hypertension is a consequence of disorder in functioning of the cardiovascular system, and that is why you should make an integrated check-up for the exposure of real cause of AH. It provides ultrasound dopplerography, electrocardiography (ECG), electro-encephalography (EEG), ultrasound examination of the heart, capillaroscopy.

The integrated check-up of the whole cardiovascular system you can have at the Clinic of Healthy Vessels, which specializes in diagnostics and treatment of vascular and neurological diseases, disorders of cerebral circulation and others like that.

When to start treatment?

After integrated diagnostics and exposure of disorders in functioning of organs and systems of the whole organism and vascular system as well the experts of the Clinic of Healthy Vessels prescribe individually selected treatment on the basis of innovative technologies of correction of vascular circulation. An adequate treatment of all types and stages of AH enables substantially to decrease frequency of origin of complications, and also retain the level of AP in the range of physiology sizes of norm. Extraordinarily high pressure in plumbing results in the break of metallic pipes, therefore just imagine that can happen with an elastic vascular tube at extraordinarily high intravascular pressure.

Our patients which control the state of the cardiovascular system regularly support the organism in the proper form, due to that they conduct active way of life. Control review one time per 7-9 months and prophylactic treatment enable to them to realize all plans in relation to work and personal life.

On the other hand the cardiovascular system will give a failure sooner or later, and it will result in a hypertension stroke or even stroke or heart attack. In case if the illness is started, such vascular catastrophe can happen at once in the organism. The noted critical conditions quite often are accompanied by loss of consciousness and by other dangerous symptoms up to the origin of the comatose state.

Therefore it is far better regularly to control your organism and if necessary in good time to make the preventive measures, than to put enormous efforts, to restore normal vital functions after a “failure” in the vascular plumbing.

We wish you salubrity for realization of the most grandiose plans and most unexpected ideas!

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