Vomiting – reflex eruption of stomach contents (sometimes duodenum) through the mouth (sometimes through the nose). Vomiting mainly driven by a reduction in abdominal muscles; while the original part of the stomach closed tight, the body of the stomach relaxes, opens the entrance to the stomach, dilate the esophagus, the mouth. This entire reflex act regulated the vomiting center located in medulla oblongata. Vomiting is usually preceded by nausea, involuntary swallowing movements, rapid breathing, increased salivation and tears. Vomit usually consist of leftover food, gastric juice, mucus; may contain bile and other contaminants (blood, pus).


Signs of danger developing vomiting (if you have the following symptoms):


Vomiting occurs in a number of infections (scarlet fever, typhoid, etc.), Poisoning (food, medication, alcohol, drugs) accumulation in the blood of toxic metabolic products (vomiting at a lesion of the kidneys) in pregnant women with peritoneal irritation, gastritis, peptic and other diseases. In some cases, vomiting frees the body from harmful substances. Vomiting can also occur at strong disturbances, emotions negative, is a symptom of the disorder centers nervous system (stroke, concussion, meningitis, and so on.) Occur during stimulation of the vestibular apparatus (for example, motion sickness).


What to do when vomiting?

– Ask a neurologist.


The consequences of untreated vomiting in the early disease stage.

– Vomiting leads to numerous serious clinical and metabolic disorders.


Our comprehensive approaches to diagnosis vomiting


Integrated non-invasive diagnostics includes:

  1. Ultrasound diagnostics of main and peripheral arteries and veins regional pools head, liver, kidneys, limbs
  2. Capillaroscopy smallest vessels of the body
  3. ECG screening of myocardial ischemic changes
  4. Electroencephalography – assessment of the brain
  5. Somatic review
  6. Neurological examination
  7. Overview rehabilitation – assessment of the vascular system adaptability to physical and emotional stress
  8. Psych diagnostics subject to the exclusion of psychosomatic origin diseases and exposure to emotional overload recorded on the vascular system.


What is the benefit of diagnosis and treatment of vomiting in our clinic?


The clinic’s work is based on innovative technologies of Lushchyk U.B., MD developed in the Veritas research center.

Our clinic operates with author’s innovative approaches to diagnostics and treatment of the whole human body that have been successfully applied since 1996 on the health care market:

1)    The integrated approach to assessment of pathologies of the whole human body

2)    The emphasis on the vascular system investigation as the main channel of organs’ and systems’ blood supply

3)    Unique technologies for investigation of the venous system as the system of blood outflow – a prototype of a sewerage system in the human    body

4)    Assessment of the organism’s functioning on the level of blood supply sufficiency and organ or system functioning

5)    Assessment of the organism’s adaptiveness and adequacy of its functioning on physical and psychoemotional loads

6)    Assessment of the logic of recreational (sanogenic) or pathological adaptations of the organism to different environmental changes (meteodependence, meteosensitivity, meteoropathies)

7)    Comprehension of the logic of organism’s responses to different diseases


Treatment programs of vomiting at the Clinic:


Vomiting require an individual approach to the diagnosis of the entire cardiovascular system. Only after examination of all segments in vascular water supply system “heart-arteries-capillaries-veins-heart” can begin treatment vomiting.


Vomiting effectiveness of treatment in our clinic:


Diagnosis (integrated examination) We suggest to choose the following treatment modes: out-patient, medicated or integrated treatment with rehabilitation Medical prophylaxis
We recommend Out-patient treatment Intensive medicated treatment Individually selected integrated treatment+ rehabilitation (neurorehabilitation) We recommend
It enables to improve health by
everyday disease progress 10-15% for 1 month of treatment 10-30% for 1-2 months of treatment constantly

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