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When a child comes on the world, all welcome parents, wish them and the new-born happiness and health. But, it would be to show the real care about the future health of a new man right after his birth and to make ultrasound diagnostics of a kid – original examination on maturity of his organs and systems. If to conduct it on this stage, it is possible to enter the passport system (certification) of health of the new-born. Such interesting idea was born and developed in the Clinic of healthy vessels.

It is clear the passport system needs certain charges, but they afterwards will return hundredfold, if every child right after birth will get the first – medical – passport which will contain necessary initial information, and parents will be in detail familiar with the state of health of new member of their family. On this stage it is possible to check up the state of the brain, backbone, internal organs, muscles, cardiovascular system and conduct previous diagnostics. It will not harm the child. But it is possible to warn parents, for example, about little anomaly in development of the brain, that in certain age it may remind about itself by such or another character; it unnecessarily, but it is better in all to be in good time ready to it and to know, what specialist to appeal, if it may need. Or a small hemorrhage in the brain, which happened during births. Then at further researches, seeing a spot on the screen, it is possible with definiteness to say, confronting it with standard, that it is not tumour, but that oldest capsuled hemorrhage. Or at births a child has a chronic cerebral edema. To overcome this illness in the first months of her life considerably easier than, when to begin treatment in a year, because all this time a brain will suffer from an insufficient blood supply. It also testifies in behalf on early diagnostics.

Here is an example. One-and-a-half-year old girl from Vinnitsa region is treated in the clinic now. Her mother three times was in a hospital with the purpose of maintenance of pregnancy. During births a childbirth activity was absent, a child was born in an asphyxia (did not breathe), with the convulsive state, and on the first month of life passed treatment in the department of new-born pathology. Doctors educed the infantile cerebral paralysis, convulsive syndrome, delay of psychomotor development. With such heavy pathology they did not given chances for life for the girl. However young parents decided to fight for her, although through ignorance and shortage of necessary information not at once orientated in relation to treatment. Only on the eighth month of her life they brought the daughter in a center “Istyna”, where she passed an examination, and the course of treatment began. Clearly, that in such difficult case highly skilled specialists must work with a sick child for a long time – up to complete renewal of physiology age-old norm. The course of intensive neurorehabilitation was conducted, kinesitherapy was applied, a psychologist and speech therapist worked with the girl. It is presently possible to mark positive changes: first of all – cramps disappeared; Tetyanke better began to move and hold the head, activity of motion grew in extremities; a cross-eye cut short; the child smiles, when she is approached by someone from her family, goes back into the side of irritant; the elements of listening to, which is a sign of development of higher psychical functions. Independent emotional babbling appeared as the preparatory stage of development of active speech. The dynamics of psychomotor and speech development is positive, and there are a lot of heavy strained works. And it is possible only to feel sorry, that time was missed out and treatment is not begun already in the first months of life of the child – the passport system conducted in time would facilitate the process considerably.

… Parents of twins Maxim and Mykyta P. brought for examination in the clinic at age of 5 months. During pregnancy there was a threat of abortion in their mothers, births began prematurely, it had to do a caesar section. Doctors diagnosed perinatal encephalopathy and delay of psychomotor development for both little boys, and the second boy also had the hemorrhage of cerebrum with forming of a cyst. The early treatment enabled quickly to get good results: yet to year one of brothers attained a physiology age-old norm already, and the second approaches it which had the heavier pathology, – delay in development grew short from three months to one month, a cyst has a clear tendency to diminishing in sizes.

In general it should make computer diagnostics of the featus for an expectant mother, to define early, who she will give, – not about sex of future child, that mostly parents interest, but about the state of her health. Then a great deal can be done prior to births.

Today ultrasonic diagnostics is necessary to be done, at first, with the purpose of determination of pregnancy, because already on early terms (6-8 weeks, id est in 4 weeks after the delay of menstruation) perfectly embryo is visualised. In 10-12 weeks of research it is necessary to repeat for determination of credible defects of development, id est to look, whether the brain, backbone, thorax, was formed, how the heart works and others like that.

The most serious and most typical defects arise up on a few stages of embryo development. Therefore it follows periodically to appear on ultrasonic control during all pregnancy in a term, appointed by a doctor. The passport system would help to find risk factors prior to the display of clinical signs of illness, to predict and prevent possible diseases, warn symptoms of special attention.

Then in adult age everybody must periodically pass a clinical review to compare data on a present moment with given at birth, which were fixed in a passport of healthy.

An idea of the health system was very popular in 80th of past century. This idea is wonderful. However to the greatest regret, it was realized mostly formally both from the side of doctors, and from the side of patients. It is therefore possible only to feel sorry, that the health centre system was conducted for us only on a paper and did not find the proper application. Today we have an enormous amount of the started oncologic, endocrinology, psychiatric and other diseases.

But it is known: happiness and welfare of every family straight depends on healthy of all its members. Now there is a necessity to talk about it. Because the healthy children we will have, the healthy our grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be. And only healthy and happy people can build healthy and happy society. For our young state it is very substantially.

To born healthy

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