Injections for vessels restore motion after stroke

Zinayida Stepanenko had the rehabilitation after a stroke for 14 years in the clinic of innovative technologies of Ulyana Lushchyk. She has been treated here from the establishment of the clinic.

– In May I will be 60, but I feel in ten years younger. Owing to injections. All was considerably worse until then. In 1974 I was sent in Kyiv from Russia, worked here in the Artem factory. Then I passed to the factory branch in Vyshneve city and remained there to live. The work was nervous, I had to control everything. Nervous, pour sleep. In 1996 a stroke happened suddenly. Laid, did not get up, – Zinayida Mykolayvna remembers.
Victor, husband of Zinayida, at first gave injections himself. However, the wife continued to lie. Almost ate nothing.

– The friend child’s doctor advised to appeal to Ulyana Bogdanivna. Said that she treats acute patients. I was not able go, so Victor brought me to the clinic on hands. Mrs. Ulyana rescued my life. Gave the blockades in the spine and injections in veins, which diluted blood. For a month I could get up, walked in a rest room, holding on the wall. For the pair of weeks my appetite appeared slowly.
Zinayida Mykolayvna was freed from a factory 16 years ago. Since annually she visits the clinic for a month.

– Stopping treatment is impossible. I want to advise to all, that to obey doctors. Because when you neglect yourself, then illness will return. Between the treatment courses, when I’m at home, take pills. I had checked-up here one time in two months. One time or two in a year I will do blockades, then the back pain stops. Before salts were there.

Zinayida Mykolayvna is a regular client and has a discount for treatment.

– Here they threat patients, whom do not have help in state hospitals. Here I saw that paralysed children began to walk, and autists in five years began to speak. Our young son was treated here after the concussion of the brain. A husband Victor soon will arrive to treat vessels. In the policlinic near my house I apply now rarely, only when I got flu.


Diagnosis: Remaining phenomena of the carried (2009) acute disorder of cerebral blood circulation by an ischemic type in vertebra-basilar reservoir as middle severity vestibule-cohlear, atactic and astheno-depressive syndromes on a background of discirculatory encephalopathy of I-II st of the mixed genesis.

Incurability degree: middle

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