Diagnostics of the macrocirculatory channel using Angiomarker technology is a deep analysis that makes it possible to detect many cerebrovascular pathologies and prescribe the most effective treatment tactics.


The Angiomarkers technology for cerebral vessels is unique and enables to evaluate:


1. Arterial blood flow to the brain through all main cerebral arteries.

2. Venous outflow from the skull cavity.

3. Disorder of the tone of the vascular wall of arteries and veins.

4. Abnormalities of the structure of blood vessels (tortuosity, looping, blood viscosity, arterio-venous malformations).

5. Violation of the elasticity of the vascular wall of arteries and assessment of the risks of atherosclerosis development.

6. Analysis of about 100 hemodynamic parameters (blood flow parameters) from 22 brain vessels (arteries and veins of the neck and brain) for a qualitative assessment of the cause of brain blood supply deficiency.

7. Assessment of intracranial hydrodynamic conflict (chronic and/or acute edema).

The vascular reservoir of the brain is one of the most important vascular reservoirs of the body since arterial blood enters it against the force of gravity and requires additional efforts by the heart as a pump and adequate synchronization of all blood flow parameters.

The vertical body position plays an important role when the heart as a pump does not pump enough blood, and the vessels age and lose the ability to transfer the volume of blood along the vascular bed from the heart to the brain.

Deficiency of blood supply to the brain at the level of 50% can be accompanied by the following signs: headaches, dizziness, loss of consciousness, memory loss, sleep disorders, speech disorders, fears, panic attacks, and development of critical conditions – stroke, heart attack.

That is why, at the first manifestations of deterioration in general well-being – restless sleep, headaches, anxiety, dizziness, you should first of all sign up for an ultrasound diagnosis of brain vessels applying the “Angiomarkers” technology.