Response. Mrs. Veronica

Son was born as a healthy child, two years he was developing according to their age: talking, singing, dancing and all interested. After ARI the baby locked,  lost interest in everything – son stopped interesting in books, pictures, swimming fish … At first we were not worried about this, and later realized that something was not right with our son.

We appealed to Mrs. Ulyana. She checked him on devices – examined how the brain works and said that he has children autism. Treatment started. Within a few years Mrs. Ulyana and Mrs. Nadiya watched  for our son.

Our son recovered this serious illness successfully, and we are grateful to the doctors.

Years passed, periodically we make preventive control diagnostics to monitor the work of the brain.

Today our son is successfully studying at the university.

We wish continued success to our healers in the recovery of our nation.

mother Veronica



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