Integrated check-up

An integrated check-up is an innovative diagnosis with the modern equipment of all organs and systems of the body.

It is carried out in order to establish the root cause of complaints of unhealthy well-being or illness.

The integrated check-up really gives you a complete and sufficient picture of your health status and answers to questions what to do next!

The Integrated check-up includes:

– Ultrasound scanning and Doppler ultrasound of the head and neck,
– Ultrasound diagnostics of organs (if necessary),
– Vascular Screening Technology (capillaroscopy),
Electroencephalogram – a study of brain activity,
– Electrocardiogram with screening of ischemic myocardial changes,

– Neurological examination,

– Consultation of Chief Doctor

Diagnosis lasts for  2 hours

The process of diagnostics is completed by a consultation of the experts of the clinic with the participation of Doctor of Medical Sciences Lushchyk U.B.

After the check-up we:

  • are writing a medical report on your health status.
  • discuss with you suggestions for a personalized prevention or effective treatment program.
  • if necessary, give a 15-minute consultation to your relatives.

Only an interated approach to assessing your health will allow you to evaluate all the problems of the body as the whole system, to simulate a cause and effect relationship and to choose the optimal treatment plan.