Vascular Screening (Capillaroscopy)

When you need Vascular Screening or Capillaroscopy?

Capillaroscopy should be performed at the first signs of worsening of health - numbness of the extremities, feeling cold in the extremities, headaches, dizziness, disability, chronic fatigue, constant drowsiness, impaired visual acuity – neuroophthalmology etc.

Non-invasive diagnosis at this stage is most effective because vascular disorders are primary. . After assessing the general blood supply and determining the presence of changes in the capillaries, you can already appoint laboratory tests and other additional tests aimed at determining the root cause of ill feeling.

Decreased immunity, the emergence of new diseases and exacerbation of chronic begin with a disorder in the capillaries. Circulatory disorders in the smallest vessels gradually increase, causing blood stasis, which leads to failure of metabolic processes. For example, ischemic changes in the heart or brain from the beginning are caused by a slowing of blood flow. Even scientists have linked aging to a decrease in the number of capillaries. After 40-45 years, some of them go into the state of shadows - non-functioning vessels.

What happens inside capillaries when suffering from Covid-19 and post-Covid syndrome:

At an early stage with the help of capillaroscopy you can differentiate such problems:

  • blood circulation;
  • cardiovascular system;
  • endocrine system (diabetes);
  • nervous system;
  • problems of psycho-neurological nature;
  • musculoskeletal systems (osteochondrosis, osteoarthritis, hernia discs, muscular dystonia and dysplasia);
  • disprove / confirm rheumatic diseases.

From other diagnostic methods capillaroscopy benefits by preventing the development of the disease,rather than eliminating the consequences of ischemic changes in the heart and brain, diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease and many others.

!!! Most diseases begin with disorders in the circulatory system. It is the diagnosis of the vascular system that determines the risks of such catastrophes as stroke or heart attack. Modern device and in-depth analysis of the microcirculatory tract makes it possible to identify risks at an early stage before clinical signs.

Non-invasiveness is a significant advantage of the diagnosis.That is, the examination is performed through the skin - without cuts or punctures. Bloodless analysis of blood avoids its biochemical changes. The examination is completely safe and comfortable for the patient, there are no contraindications.

With the help of capillaroscopy you can quickly:

  • to predict the development of cardiovascular, rheumatic, oncological diseases, circulatory disorders, etc.;
  • evaluate the effectiveness of treatment;
  • to record the changes that occurred after a course of procedures or drugs.

!!! When prescribing therapy for the treatment of any disease, the patient and doctor must be confident in the adequate functioning of the circulatory system. At any disturbance of blood supply, the lowered blood flow the treatment efficiency considerably decreases or in general will have the minimum effect. The only way to assess the general state of the body's blood supply and the readiness of the vascular system for treatment is to be examined by Vascular Screening – Capillaroscopy.

Preparation for the check-up:

  • Do not stop taking medications prescribed by your doctor;
  • Do not change the usual diet and drinking regime;
  • Do not change your usual physical activity;
  • Do not cut the cuticle on the fingers for at least 7 days.
!!! Covering the nail bed with varnish, gel varnish does not interfere with the procedure.
Today, the Clinic of Vascular Innovations uses the latest AngioVeritas micro medical&technical device, with powerful optics, wide format and the best image quality, which allows you to visualize the smallest changes in the capillaries and differentiate the disease at an early stage.

How often do you need the check-up?

  • Vascular screening / capillaroscopy for healthy people should be performed twice a year as prevention of cardiovascular disease and detection of circulatory disorders in the early stages before clinical manifestations.
  • Capillaroscopy should be performed before starting medical treatment.

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