Innovative diagnostics

prior to symptoms

We offer to stop illness in time with the help of early diagnostics, timely prophylaxis and individual health programs. Instead of fighting with the consequences, when to remove all symptoms of violations is practically impossible. Due to research-and-developments of Veritas R&D Center the specialists "of the Clinic of Healthy Vessels", have mastered to understand causes of diseases and offer fundamentally new approaches to their treatment.

We offer to stop illness in time with the help of early diagnostics, timely prophylaxis and individual health programs. Instead of fighting with the consequences, when to remove all symptoms of violations is practically impossible. Due to research-and-developments of Veritas R&D Center the specialists of the Clinic of Healthy Vessels have mastered to understand causes of diseases and offer fundamentally new approaches to their treatment. RAPID. SAFE. PAINLESS. WITH NO CONTRAINDICATIONS. PRECISE. EVIDENT FOR A PATIENT.


  1. Out-of-date opinion that at first violation of metabolism occurs and then there are violations of blood circulation.
  2. The cardiovascular system is investigated by fragments. Its venous part is less studied, because it is considered to be difficult for diagnostics.
  3. A poor sensitiveness of diagnostic methods to early disorders of the circulation system.
  4. Lack information about blood and vessels to objectively estimate their state.
  5. The primary and secondary prophylaxis of cardiovascular diseases is not conducted. An ill-timed help is consequences for life.
  6. Absence of treatment methods of changes like hypertension and "meteosensitivity".
  7. The standard treatment approach does not take into account individual factors of disease, combination of some illnesses in one patient. Lack of integrated approach to diagnostics and treatment of vascular diseases.
  8. The aid to remove the consequences of violations, remove symptoms, facilitate suffering.
  9. Lifelong maintenance of some symptoms, discomfort feeling, "meteodependence".
  10. Necessity to take regular medications or therapeutic procedures.
  11. Limitation of the physical and psychological loading.
  12. Relapses are in 1 year after treatment.


  1. Understanding, that any disease starts from the circulation problems. On the first stage - in the smallest vessels - capillaries.
  2. A heart and vessels are investigated complexly. All links of blood circulation are carefully examined, up to vessels the smallest and most sensible to any violations.
  3. 100% of illnesses can be detected on the early stage prior to the expressed (clinical) symptoms.
  4. Blood test includes its speed, density, chemical composition, pressure. Vascular diagnostics shows: the lumen, elasticity, wall tonus, a form and density in tissues.
  5. It is possible to remove the illness on the early stages. Only in such a way the disease can be really treated.
  6. Profound diagnostics enables to educe and remove causes of disorders, which cause the pressure increase and dependence on weather, first of all.
  7. Personalized approach, taking into account environment parameters (meteofactors), which an organism adapts to. The detailed complex diagnostics exposes from 5 to 8 pathological connections in functioning of the cardiovascular system.
  8. Liquidation of disorders’ causes, restoration of balance in the circulation system, returning of the man to valuable life.
  9. In future absence of vascular crisis, "meteodependence", feeling of discomfort.
  10. Maintenance of positive dynamics for 3-6 months without daily use of medicines.
  11. Active work and rest.
  12. Absence of relapses for up to 8 years.


You need the diagnostics when

It is an examination method of the smallest vessels – capillaries; carried out with a specialized microscope equipped by a video camera and monitor. With the capillaroscope a doctor can estimate the capillary density, form, location, thickness in diameter. Any deviation from an ideal form, uneven filling with blood, clots, huge amount of capillaries may testify for the pathology. It's not the way out to think that it doesn't touch you. 75 of 100 Ukrainians have sick heart and disturbed blood circulation. These illnesses cause 66% of all deaths. Do you know any vitally important measures for defence of your health?
You need the diagnostics if you: live in a city, constantly save time for work to the detriment of rest, don’t have healthy way of life, got used to see a doctor only as a last resort, do not pass regular medical check-up. Substantial advantage of this diagnostics is non-invasive. The examination is carried out through a skin - without cuts or punctures. A bloodless test allows avoiding its biochemical changes, no fear, no emotional tension, pain, it is safe and comfort for a patient, and also can be used many times without any contraindications..

The immunity worsening, appearance of new illnesses and intensifying of chronic start from disorders in capillaries. Violation of blood circulation in the smallest vessels grows gradually, causes a circulation stagnation, which results in the failure of exchange processes. For example, ischemic changes in the heart or brain are caused by deceleration of blood stream. Even the senescence is considered to be connected by diminishing to the capillary amount. After 40-45 years a part of them become unfunctioning vessels. This progress of "drying" explains the process of senescence. And also, spreading of cardiovascular illnesses in declining years. Because blood speed decreases on the third, the walls of vessels are weak, less elastic, tortuous and diminished in diameter. Each factor is a pre-condition for development of an illness. Therefore it is very important to care for the state of the heart and vessels, in order to stabilize it in time. And at any age. Whereas, cardiovascular diseases "become younger".
Capillaroscopy is a unique method: High-precision the diagnostics excludes misdiagnosis Bloodless and painless – the examination is conducted through a skin Safe there is no risk of infection, irradiation, •no contraindications Rapid takes 5 minutes.
Capillaroscopy is almost only opportunity to detect and remove causes of symptoms, what you got used to stand, but not treat: worsening of feels headaches dizziness disorders in the cardiovascular system functioning disease of hands curvature of backbone.
Predict early pathology, but not removes consequences: Ischemic changes in the heart and brain Diabetes mellitus High blood pressure Pathologies of kidneys.
The capillaroscopy can help easily to: predict development of an illnesses estimate efficiency of treatment fix changes which took place after the course of procedures or preparations.
The technology advantage is in visualization of the diagnostic process on the screen. A patient can watch the process together with a doctor, to understand and discuss the state of vessels. It promotes a trust to the specialist from one side and responsibility for the process of treatment from other. The treatment progress can be controlled due to photography and video recording. In addition, the images can be used for doctors’ consultation. Sometimes expert opinion is required to reduce the risk of subjective approach to the problem. For 19 years the vascular screening technology is applied in the Clinic of Healthy Vessels for diagnostics of: cardiovascular system, endocrine system (diabetes mellitus), nervous system (headaches, dizzinesses, chronic fatigue syndrome, vascular diseases of brain, ICP, epilepsy and other), vegetative nervous system (vegetovascular dystonia), immune system and allergic diseases, psychoemotional sphere (autism, emotional lability, fears, arrest of psycho-speech-motor development, oligophrenia, schizophrenia), bone and muscular systems (osteochondrosis, artrosis, hernia of disks, muscular dystonia and dysplasia). The experts of the Clinic of Healthy Vessels possess the art of treatment. Because precise diagnose can detect causes of diseases and we are able effectively to treat them. Also we: - examine the whole cardiovascular system by means of the newest equipment; - possess exclusive technologies for diagnostics of the venous system of organism; - do not apply standard schedule of treatment for everyone, we make the individual program; - predict efficiency of treatment under control diagnostic equipment for every patient; - control changes in an organism in the treatment process and help an organism to make all reconstructions in correct direction.