Do you or your chief have a headache? (Flammer – syndrome)

Flammer- syndrome has been treated in Europe and America long ago. But we do not consider it as an illness!


  • Darkening in eyes,
  • dizziness,
  • distracted attention,
  • «the ground is slipping under your feet»,
  • merged numbers,
  • unclear lines,
  • it is difficult to be concentrated on accounting reports,
  • periodic worsening of sharpness of vision, hearing quite often causes irritation.

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Presentation at EAPM World congress 2015 on a theme: “Predicative biomarkers of the capillarocopy”

Flammer-syndrome is a new diagnosis for people of intellectual work. If you have the symptoms listed above DO NOT DELAY – pass diagnostics in time!

If today you have similar feeling, then tomorrow there may be a risk of loss of work-ability, disability, neurodegenerative diseases, oncology, stroke, heart attack. A risk of sudden worsening of health – reanimation – death. It is atonement for exhaustion of reserve possibilities of the organism, when the disbalance in the organism of allegedly healthy worker has reached the critical limit.

Such unencouraging picture is drawn to us by life in time of rapid informative streams. Today the brain of an ordinary citizen is overloaded by information in 3-5 times more than it was 10 years ago. And the brain of a top-manager, an accountant, a leader of a department is forced to work in 5-8 times more productive than of an ordinary worker of the company.

Today the world has distinguished a new diagnosis as Flammer – syndrome.
It occurs in people of intellectual work, who have disbalanced vascular system and high level of stress in relation to professional responsibility at work during the acceptance of administrative decisions (top-managers and transport managers, of power companies, doctors, political and state workers).

Flammer-syndrome is characterised by the disbalance in body mass – small or excessive body mass, migraine, increased sensitiveness to smells, low arterial pressure, cold fingers, somnipathies, increased anxiety, paradoxical reactions on medications. These signs are displays of disbalance in functioning of the brain and vessels of a worker, that in course of time without adequate treatment can result in development of neurodegenerative diseases like multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, depression, dementia or oncopathology.

What to do, if you have such symptoms? First of all it is necessary to examine functioning of vessels regarding disbalance in functioning of the vascular system, to determine the expressiness and at the same time to detect possible dysfunction in brain functioning.

The first step in diagnostics there must be vascular screening, as popular today MRT of the brain is not able to expose disorders in brain functioning, but it only allows to expose rough changes in the brain structure, which requires operative intervention.

Therefore people, who feel themselves practically healthy, today can have other type of diagnostics –screening – a rapid method for detection or denial of pathology. The benefits of the screening – non-invasive (without the skin puncture), painless, evidentness and rapid result.

Today there are technologies for vascular screening, angiomarkers and neuromarkers which enable quickly to establish the presence of deficit of blood supply in the organism, degree of disbalance in functioning of the cardiovascular system, danger of structural pathological alterations in microvessles and pre-oncologic states at vascular level.

When indexes of the screening are in subcritical or in critical areas it is necessary to conduct the complex check-up of the whole organism. The treatment plan is formed regarding examination results. The anti-stress treatment is conducted under control of the corresponding equipment in order to monitor reactions of the disbalanced organism on treatment and to help an organism to reach the necessary level of organs’ and systems’ functioning.

Treatment of Flammer-syndrome.

First of all the treatment should be conducted on the early stages of disbalance in functioning of vessels and nervous system, to prevent complete derangement of compensation of the organism. Discomfort during weather changes (+- 2 days), before menstruation or on a background of hormonal disbalance, changes in men and women during climax can be the first signals of problems in functioning of the vascular system.

As a result of individually selected vascular therapy (angiotherapy) it is succeeded to:

  • restore operative memory,
  • stabilize the work of analyzers – to restore vision, sense of smell and hearing,
  • stabilize the sleep,
  • normalize the arterial pressure,
  • liquidate the weather sensitiveness,
  • restore thermoregulation of the organism and to stabilize work of endocrine organs.

The basic criterion of stability of the organism functioning is absence of complaints about bad feeling at the weather change, flights on large distances.

The up-to-date programs of the vascular screening and treatment help people in time to react on possible failures in functioning of the organism and to avoid force-majeure situations, in particular, among a technical personnel during work with a navigation apparatus, at enterprises with the high level of public responsibility (transport, atomic energy, state administrative departments and others) and to avoid global catastrophes with numerous human victims through fault of human factor – personnel.

 Any error of a manager of middle link, an accountant or a top-manager today can cost much for the enterprise up to the loss of solvency of the enterprise.

Today in Europe there is therapeutic-rehabilitation programs for the whole shift of workers. After exceeding of amount of possible errors for a shiftwork, the personnel is directed for the antistress program.  In fact the human resource today is the most valuable acquisition of modern enterprise.

Article Flammer Syndrome and potential formation of pre-metastatic niches: A multi-centred study on phenotyping, patient stratification, prediction and potential prevention of aggressive breast cancer and metastatic disease in ResearchGate

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