МMedical and cosmetological injection procedures are performed by doctors of the highest category, under the control of medical equipment.
Our aim is the health and beauty of our patients

MoreFacial contouring

Facial contouring is an injection method for correcting facial contours by injecting fillers. We carry out contour plastic procedure with the aim of increasing the volume in a certain area, eliminating skin folds (wrinkles), and correcting the oval.

MoreFull face procedure

This procedure combines facial contouring and botulinum therapy.
At the consultation, we conduct an examination and simulate the most optimal procedures, taking into account the type of face, age and the desired result.
MoreBotulinum therapy

One of the most popular services among Ukrainian beauties.
We strive for each of our patients to become beautiful and self-confident.
After the consultation, we offer our patients the most optimal method of facial correction. The main thing for us is that it should be safe and harmonious.
Thanks to botulinum therapy, we can remove facial wrinkles, help correct a gingival smile, and reduce sweating.

Lipolytic injections are an effective, absolutely safe injection procedure. The program includes some drugs that activate fat burning processes in a certain area of the body: face, stomach, buttocks, etc.
With the help of injections of lipolytics, which include a number of special components, the fat is first broken down and then removed through the lymphatic system. That is, there are no artificial interventions in the human body, everything is completely natural.
Thanks to lipocorrection, it is possible to eliminate not only minor changes, but also deep local fat deposits.

Procedures are carried out in a licensed medical institution by a certified doctor of the highest category. If necessary, we carry out diagnostics (ultrasound, ECG, vascular screening, etc.)
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