Epilepsy – a chronic disease that occurs in childhood and adolescence, which is manifested by various convulsive seizures and non-convulsive and typical changes in personality, psychotic conditions, in severe cases, reduce the development of specific intelligence.

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After cleaning vessels epilepsy attacks decreased by half

lineartickleSuccess stories. Andrew Grygoryak

Poor treatment goes into convulsive seizures. Return back of epilepsy requires a expert team of doctors and rehabilitation.

Interview with the patient. Anatoly Denisenko.


Symptoms of epilepsy:

– Weak attack is characterized by loss of consciousness, lasting one -two seconds. The eyeballs of a patient frantically rotating and muscles twitching.

– Strong attack, a loss of consciousness for a few minutes or longer loss of stability and coordination. There may be different chaotic movements. Often lost control of emptying and urination.

What to do in the early development of epilepsy:

– Visit a neurologist.

Our comprehensive approaches to the diagnosis of epilepsy

Integrated non-invasive diagnosis of epilepsy includes:

Ultrasound diagnostics of main and peripheral arteries and veins in regional reservoirs in head, liver, kidneys, limbs

Capillaroscopy smallest vessels of the body

ECG screening of myocardial ischemic changes

Electroencephalography – assessment of the brain activity

Somatic review

Neurological examination

Rehabilitator review – assessment of the vascular system adaptability to physical and emotional stress

Psychodiagnostics is subjected to the exclusion of psychosomatic origin of the diseases and exposure to emotional overload recorded on the vascular system

The benefits of diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy in our clinic

The clinic works with innovative technologies developed by Lushchyk UB, MD, at Veritas Research Center.

The Clinic owns copyrights innovative approaches to diagnosis and treatment of the body, which have been used successfully  in the market of medical services since 1996:

  • An integrated approach to assessing of whole body pathology
  • Examination of vascular system as the main thoroughfare of blood supply for organs and systems
  • Exclusive technology for research of the venous system of the body as a system of outflow – a prototype of a sewerage system in the body
  • Assessment of the body at sufficient blood supply, organ or system functioning
  • Evaluation of adaptability of the organism and its adequacy in terms of physical and psycho-emotional stress
  • Estimation of the logic of health-improving (sanogenic) or pathological adaptations of the organism to various environmental changes (meteotropy, meteosensitivity, meteopathy)
  • Understanding the logic concessions to the body with certain diseases

Programs of epilepsy treatment at the Clinic:

Epilepsy needs an individual approach to the diagnosis of the entire cardiovascular system.

Intravascular pressure increases inside the arterial and venous vessels due to improper blood redistribution. Only after examination of all segments in vascular supply system “heart-arteries-capillaries-veins-heart” can begin treatment of epilepsy.


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