Cerebrovascular diseases, their treatment and prevention


Cerebrovascular diseases (CVD) are related to the disorder of vessels of the brain, which cause disorders of its normal functioning – from dizziness or insomnia to development of such threatening illness, as a stroke.

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How often are CVD?

In the last decade strokes considerably “looked” younger and presently quite often happen for people in age from 30 to 50 years. Therefore after 30 years it follows to conduct the examination of the state of the vascular system of organism at least half-year, if necessary in good time to notice the first displays of vascular disorders.

Do not forget that far more easily to prevent the origin of illness, than to treat it! Besides people, which carried a stroke mostly have a certain level of disability, therefore become materially and physically dependency upon an extra help which reduces quality of life considerably.

Basic risk of stroke development:

  • Arterial hypertension
  • smoking
  • alcohol abuse
  • increased level of cholesterol in blood
  • diabetes mellitus and others

The more risk factors a man has, the greater probability of stroke. Today a problem of stroke prevention and adequate rehabilitation of patients after stroke is extraordinarily actual.

What help is needed at CVD?

Doctors know well, which one disorders may cause cerebrovascular diseases. First of all it is a disorder of cerebral circulation. Now it can be quickly diagnosed it and give an effective help. But for this purpose a patient needs not a conveyer of narrow specialists in a policlinic, but an individual approach focused on a problem and concrete patient.

The clinic of Healthy Vessels specializes in disorders of cerebral. The clinic was created with the purpose of the practical use of own scientific developments, and now it demonstrates far higher effectiveness of treatment, than that it is put by Ministry of Health as a task for countries with the most developed system of health protection.

The clinic has all potential for complex diagnostics and therapy and carries out complex diagnostics and treatments, based on the individual approach to every patient in accordance with an old medical commandment “Treat not an illness, but a patient”.


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