Varicose veins

Interview with a patient, Shvets Ivan

Two years ago he asked to amputate his leg. The story about blood supply restoration in feet on a background of the combined atherosclerotic defeat, diabetes mellitus and post-thrombophlebitis syndrome.

Keep your feet warm and your veins in tonus!

Chronic venous insufficiency is one of the urgent problems of medicine. Nearly every second human suffers from it.

Why this sad statistics?

At first, the diseases of veins are transferred hereditarily.

Secondly, they appear through the enormous amount of factors. Let we name the major of them:

– excessive weight

– professional activity related to the protracted static loading on veins (they “love” neither long standing nor long sitting)

– lack of cellulose in foods

– hormonal contraception and hormonotherapy

– tight linen.

Considerably the problems of veins can increase also during pregnancy (unfortunately after births they not always disappear).

How to treat veins?

Veins are treated, as well as everything in the world, by pills, injections, drops and ointments.

The state of vessels can be facilitated due to the special facilities – venotonics. The most effective and safest from them are those which are made on the basis of vegetable substances as diosmin, escin and routine. A basic task of such venotonics is strengthening of walls of vessels. There are also combined preparations, which contain substances, which promote venous tone, reduce the pain feeling, diminish an itch.

When to appeal to the doctor?

The sign of disease is not difficult to notice, especially by the women. Therefore, dear women, if you would like to wear skirts and you do not want to hide your legs you should visit a doctor at the first signs of illness, that illness did not become started and it was not to come running to surgical interference.

What check-ups are needed?

For patients with complaints on pain in joints and edemata the specialist of the Clinic Healthy Vessels  have developed a special program “Vessels of lower limbs”, which includes an integrated diagnostics of vessels of feet, : USD of arteries and veins of feet, USD of bones, ECG, vascular screening.

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