Chronic fatigue syndrome

“Imperiya Neruhomosti” № 5 September-October 2001

“Volodymyr of forty years old was a successful businessman during a long time. His firm was specialized in computer equipment sales. Then they decided to extent the sphere of their activity. To do that they, surely, had to apply efforts. The business was going well, but the man started feeling that he could not work so effectively as it was before anymore.  He was easy-tired, became susceptible, short-tempered, and sometimes even aggressive, he was not satisfied with results of his work anymore, because at most he did not have time to do everything he planned. Volodymyr began to wander words or numbers, he often had a headache, dizziness, his attention and memory became worse, sleep was disordered – generally speaking, the signs of the brain exhaustion evolved, alarming signals of the serious disease onset. At first the businessman explained this as overstrain, stresses, magnetic storms etc, and he thought that everything would be gone on its own. But finally he understood that he has to take care of his health, as both his business and family welfare were in danger.”

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A constant lack of time and overstrain, which many people suffer from, – all this requires to take care of the health.

During more than five years

Istyna scientific-methodological center of clinical ultrasound

(now the Clinic of Healthy Vessels)

successfully works in Kyiv.

By this time it has become widely

known not only in Ukraine, but beyond it.

The method of ultrasound investigation of arterial and venous blood supply of the brain is improved here for different age groups in the aspect of a simultaneous studying not only arterial afflux to the brain, but venous return from it that considerably widened possibilities of the diagnostics and an individual selection of medicines for different illnesses. First of all, the center is specialized in the diagnostics and treatment of diseases related to cerebrovascular disease applying the up-to-date unique method worked out by the head of the center Ulyana Lushchyk, MD.  This method allows to avoid such illnesses as, for example, strokes, to increase the working ability and restore the life activity.

One of such diseases is the chronic fatigue syndrome, or the manager syndrome. The case is that nowadays a problem of the 24-hour work became relevant not only among businessmen, but among the broadest classes of population. Many people have to look for additional means of living. It is very difficult to work normally in such regime. Finally, a closed circle creates as the above mentioned feeling of self-dissatisfaction defers the working ability, distracts from an active and profitable work, and hence, it constantly grows like a snow bank leading to an inevitable catastrophe.  But it can be timely avoided due to up-to-date treatment methods, which are in practice of the center of clinical ultrasound “Istyna”.

US of cerebral vessels is a harmless and non-invasive method of the objectivation of reasons of the chronic fatigue syndrome, vegetative-vascular dystonia, dizziness, epilepsy and convulsive attacks, migraine, psychomotor and speech retardation, depression, episodes of faintness, tics, arterial hypertension or hypotension, neurosis etc. Instrumental methods of blood supply studying are very sensitive, they allow to reveal a disease, which just arises and does not manifest itself. On the computer display a diagram appears and vessels “tell” about themselves, and a doctor interprets this “telling” basing on his knowledge, experience, and intuition.

Recently “Istyna” has extended possibilities of ultrasound scanning method of vessel pathology on problems of vessel impotency, male and female infertility, habitual noncarrying of pregnancy, and gastroenterological pathology. Here they diagnosticate a reason of a disease, prescribe an individually selected treatment and control its course and effectiveness. Elements of psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, and psychocorrection are actively added. They also apply hirudotherapy – a treatment with the help of medicinal leeches.

The base of medicine of the future should be an individual approach to every person. That is why the center “Istyna” is oriented in its work to the integrated examination and treatment of a person as a complex system, because namely this tendency is the most progressive. In other words an ancient medical commandment is proved: one should treat not a disease, but a patient.

One of the main features of the center work is that a patient is examined complexly and one timely by one and the same doctor, who is operated by not only modern diagnostic methods, but their interpretation, and hence, he is both a clinician and a diagnostician, and even your attending doctor simultaneously.

It has happened that the first position in our lives is occupied by work, home, household, whatever, but not our own health. Though, work and health must stand the highest level of values as they are closely interconnected.  A healthy person lives and works vividly, he or she really self-actualizes and is settled in life.

It is quite understandable that the more negative signs of the organism functioning are neglected, the faster the system gets out of order, and the harder we can return to a normal condition.  If the disease progresses, this can not be done by the best doctor even. And a wasted time can be returned by no money.

So, take care of your health right now! The medical center “Istyna” recommends you to undergo ultrasound scanning of cerebral vessels.

Natalya NABOKA

syndromA book Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Job or Health? 

The book of Prof. Lushchyk UB., MD describes the most actual health problems of modern businessmen and their teams, and also children, teenagers, and persons who work with a tense schedule. The leader of Istyna scientific-methodical center of ultrasonic medical diagnostics (now the Clinic of Healthy Vessels) shares her supervisions about such widespread illness as the chronic fatigue syndrome, or manager syndrome, describes causes of its origin, displays, about ways of overcoming this disease by means of the newest methods which are practiced by the center.

Il. MM Karapysh. – К.: “Istyna”, 2000. – 16 p.: il. ББК 56.12 + 56.13 С 87
УДК 616.145 11-0734-8 + 616.13-073 + 616.831-005
ISBN 996-95206-0-9

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