Headaches may be due to “banal” discomfort

What is pressing? Hat?

Headaches may be due to “banal” discomfort, but often it is a signal of major disorders in the body.

According to medical statistics, the most patients complain on headaches. And this is so “banal” nuisance that not everyone hurry for a specialist. It is easier to drink painkilling pill, wait a few hours – and go on for business. Doctors say about three quarters of the population suffer the headaches each year. However, this discomfort may be a symptom of existing serious illness or warn about insidious trend in the body. Therefore, experts warn don’t neglect.

Today there are about fifty causes of headaches. It can be provoked by anything: strong smells, hunger, fatigue, fear, ultimately, tooth pain – Ulyana Lushchyk says, the center’s director, MD. – Or, emotional stress, depression, weather changes, bright light, smoking, drinking. Probable causes are allergies, hypertension, aneurysm, brain tumor, head injury, sinusitis, eye strain, high temperature, the use of hormones or other drugs, genetic predisposition. Of course, this only aspirin or citramon not get along.

According to recent research, certain foods and drinks that contain amines, sudium glutamate, nitrites, caffeine or aspartame, also can trigger excruciating headache. Among products- “provocateurs” – pickles, mustard, ketchup, smoked meat and fish, citrus fruits, bananas, avocados, beans, nuts, onions, chocolate, cream, sour cream, yogurt, alcoholic beverages, Chinese dishes, chips.

Doctors say even incorrectly chosen glasses cause headaches. Occasionally this discomfort can be caused by jaw joint diseases or… tight hat. It happens that the head pain is caused by anemia (ferrum deficiency in the body). Finally, in a room where there is lack of fresh air, the head also will not be “fresh”.

When it is impossible to overcome the pain with ordinary means and it lasts for several days or weeks, the patient must visit a doctor. After visiting a district physician the patient often must also be examined by a neurologist, ophthalmologist, otolaryngologist, dentist … Not every district and even regional clinic has enough diagnostic equipment, which would help to identify the cause of illness. The man stays alone with his problem. He starts to prescribe a pill for himself to facilitating suffering.

Frequent and severe headache indicates a serious disturbance in the body – says Ulyana Lushchyk. – Therefore, we should find its cause and to appoint effective treatment. Modern diagnostic techniques and perfect medical equipment can facilitate the task for physicians. But the human himself should be attentive to his health as the most valuable thing. Unfortunately, health is not the basic priority today. The first place is for a prestigious job, cool car, a luxurious apartment.  And we became hurry and begin to take care of health only when we lose it. It is best to avoid this.

The doctor convinced that the strong country can be built only by physically strong, healthy citizens. Therefore, the care must be brought to the highest levels of social values.

All my life I remembered the case of my practice – says Mrs. Ulyana. – One woman suffered badly from migraine attacks – two or three days fell out of the working rhythm, she stayed at home and could not even take the head out of a pillow. At least she decided to come to us for checkup. And when we waited for the patient, she called and said: “I cannot come, because we found a tick in our dog, and we called the vet.” Health of the dog was more expensive than own. This case shocked us then. Later we were less astonished, because it turned out that this attitude, unfortunately, is common.

Please note

If you feel that alone you are not able to overcome the “head problem”, do not delay visiting the doctor. Especially dangerous delay at such alarming symptoms:

Your headaches begin, which had never had before. For example, attacks are more frequent and more powerful;

Pain lasts more than 72 hours, and you cannot concentrate on any matter;

Pain occurs suddenly, like an “explosion” inside the head;

Except headache, you have disturbed vision, speech, coordination, feeling weakness in hands and feet, inhibited thinking;

Not just a headache, but also increases body temperature and difficult to move the neck;

Headache occurs at the slightest physical effort. It is vomiting, but not sick;

If the pain is accompanied by seizures, blackout.

Julia Kosinska

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