“Collection” of diagnoses and insomnia as a “bonus”


“Headache” – perhaps the most common complaint, which refers the patient to a doctor. And – not easy for a specialist because it can indicate many diseases or indicate their initial stage. The district internist or family doctor is not always “at hand” with modern diagnostic equipment, so the patient has to be examined by an ophthalmologist, otolaryngologist, neurologist, dentist, orthopedist…

But it so happens, that even the council of physicians, determining the diagnosis, may not come “a consensus”, so the patient will be discharged long recipe and … left alone with a headache. Then the patient begins to independently appoint a pill to swallow them in the most difficult moments, to temporarily alleviate the suffering, but do not eliminate the cause of the problem.

So it was with Nadia Tymoshchuk. For over 20 years, now she is 52, she suffered from headaches, “collected” diagnoses: from allergy to osteoarthritis. Finally, it came to neurasthenia – periodic unbearable headaches are not allowed to concentrate at work, insomnia, depression appeared. Only examination of the vessels of the brain found that the cause of migraine is narrowing of arteries and veins, and if properly and promptly prescribe treatment, the problem can be successfully removed.

The causes of headaches – about fifty, and it can be provoked by anything: the strong smell, hunger, fatigue, heat, even “trivial” tooth – says Igor Babii, Chief Doctor and neurologist of the Clinic of Healthy Vessels, – Or, , emotional stress, depression, weather changes, bright light, smoking, drinking. Probable cause of headaches may be allergic, hypertension, aneurysm, brain tumor, head injury, sinusitis, eye strain, high temperature, the use of hormones or other drugs, genetic predisposition. Of course, only analgesic pills like – aspirin or citramon do not get along.

Vessels “recover and the body “come to life”

According to recent research, certain foods and drinks that contain amines, sudium glutamate, nitrites, caffeine or aspartame, also can trigger excruciating headache. Among products- “provocateurs” – pickles, mustard, ketchup, smoked meat and fish, citrus fruits, bananas, avocados, beans, nuts, onions, chocolate, cream, sour cream, yogurt, alcoholic beverages, Chinese dishes, chips.

Doctors say even incorrectly chosen glasses cause headaches. Occasionally this discomfort can be caused by jaw joint diseases or… tight hat. It happens that the head pain is caused by anemia (ferrum deficiency in the body). Finally, in a room where there is lack of fresh air, the head also will not be “fresh”.

The effectiveness of treatment depends primarily on a deep clinical examination, – says Igor Babii. – In particular, it is important to investigate changes in brain structures. The rheography results (determination of the electrical resistance of the brain) assess the condition of blood circulation in separate hemispheres. Doppler ultrasound determines the speed of blood flow in the major vessels. The activity of brain cells is studied by electroencephalography (EEG). Human has a lot of systems, but the cardiovascular is the most important. Vessels connect all the organs. If, for example, the capillaries are failing, then kidney, stomach, heart badly begin to work. When the person treats his vessels so other organs are recovering.

Please note

If you feel that alone you are not able to overcome the “head problem”, do not delay visiting the doctor. Especially dangerous delay at such alarming symptoms:

Your headaches begin, which had never had before. For example, attacks are more frequent and more powerful;

Pain lasts more than 72 hours, and you cannot concentrate on any matter;

Pain occurs suddenly, like an “explosion” inside the head;

Except headache, you have disturbed vision, speech, coordination, feeling weakness in hands and feet, inhibited thinking;

Not just a headache, but also increases body temperature and difficult to move the neck;

Headache occurs at the slightest physical effort. It is vomiting, but not sick;

If the pain is accompanied by seizures, blackout.


June 15 the Clinic of healthy vessels holds Open Day. During the event everyone can learn more about the causes of and ways to overcome the headache.

Details – at (044) 467–63–89; (095) 068–30–74


Migraine attacks clearly described by a doctor and writer Mikhail Bulgakov in his novel “Master and Margarita”, telling about headache of procurator Pontius Pilate. According to a legend, even the ruler of Olympus Zeus had to turn to god blacksmith Hephaestus that he broke his head by the hammer, which split from the unbearable pain. Among those who fell in the clutches of this disease were Julius Caesar, Calvin, Pascal, Beethoven, Darwin, Marx, Nobel, Heine, Poe, Maupassant, Wagner, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Nietzsche, Freud … But now at least one third of humanity suffers from migraines .

Julia Kosinska

Article from information resource “Young Ukraine”


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