Patients’ responses. Svitlana N.

Diagnosis: Discirculatory encephalopathy I of the mixed type with bilateral, stronger on the right, cranialgy, migrant sensestopathy, astheno-neurotic syndrome, spontaneous midfrequency panick attacks.

Extended osteochondrosis, spondioarthrosis of neck-thoracal and lumbar sections. Protrusion (MRT- data) of С3-С4, С4-С5, С6-С7 intervertebral disks without signs of compression of spinal cord from mildly expressed cervicalgia. Post-traumatic mildly expressed coccyalgia.

Incurability degree: high

Amount of the conducted courses of treatment:


I bow to earth to the leader of the Clinic of healthy vessels to Ulyana Lushchyk and specialists-professionals for the result which I got from them in the process of treatment. These people gave me a hope on the best life, to believe in myself and think only for positive. First days in the clinic seemed very strange to me. As it differs from other medical establishments, where I was for the last four years. Here treatment and atmosphere are extraordinary interesting. The medical personnel is extraordinarily benevolent. Feel attention from every side. Every doctor regardless of whether he treats you or not, will take interest about your feeling and how is your mood today. They always smile. There is the consent and the well. But, of course, first of all the result. It is impossible even to compare the state when I started treatment here and what I feel now. Great, boundless gratitude from me to all friendly collective of the clinic. I am happy, that these people appeared in my life. I wish health to all of them, positive and inspiration in their heavy work, successes and prosperity, and also new openings in medicine.

At the end I‘d like to say: only these people like Ulyana Bogdanivna are required not only in our country but also abroad. She brings the good in the world only which it is impossible to hug even by millions of hands.

Svitlana Naumenko

Tetiiv city, Kyiv region

October 22, 2013

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