Stroke is a sudden disorder of cerebral circulation that cause brain tissue damage and its functions disorders.

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Signs of danger for stroke (if you have the following symptoms):

— sudden weakness, numbness;
 paralysis of half the body or face, hands, feet;
 sudden intense pain that patients describe as the worst pain in the life;
sudden breach of vision;
— sudden speech disorders (a person cannot speak or understand the language);
 sudden dizziness, loss of coordination, nausea, vomiting and sometimes loss of consciousness.lineartickle

What to do at the beginning of stroke:

— Review of a neurologist, hospitalization.lineartickle

The consequences of untreated stroke at the beginning of the disease:

Stroke can cause temporary or permanent disability, depending on the time during which the brain suffers from lack of blood flow and what part of the brain was affected. Complications may include:

  1. Paralysis or loss of muscle movements
  2. Speech disorders or swallowing.
  3. Memory loss or trouble understanding.
  4. Pain.


Our comprehensive approaches to the diagnosis of stroke


Integrated non-invasive diagnosis of stroke includes:

  1. Ultrasound diagnostics of arteries and veins in the neck and the brain by the copyright methodology of UB Lushchyk, MD
  2. Capillaroscopy of the smallest vessels of the body
  3. USD of thyroid gland with evaluation of the vascular bed
  4. UDS of the abdomen cavity with vascular program
  5. USD of the spine and joints with the assessment of perfusion in bones and muscle tissue
  6. ECG screening of myocardial ischemic changes
  7. Electroencephalography – assessment of the brain functioning
  8. Somatic review
  9. Neurological examination
  10. Rehabilitologist’s review

If necessary – additional psychological consultation and other related professionals.



What are the benefits of stroke diagnosis and treatment in our clinic?


The clinic works with innovative technologies of Lushchyk UB, MD, developed at Veritas Research Center.

The Clinic of Healthy Vessels owns copyrighted innovative approaches to diagnosis and treatment of the body, which have been used successfully for 21 years in the market of medical services:

  1. 1)    The integrated approach to assessment of pathologies of the whole human body

    2)    The emphasis on the vascular system investigation as the main channel of organs’ and systems’ blood supply

    3)    Unique technologies for investigation of the venous system as the system of blood outflow – a prototype of a sewerage system in the human    body

    4)    Assessment of the organism’s functioning on the level of blood supply sufficiency and organ or system functioning

    5)    Assessment of the organism’s adaptiveness and adequacy of its functioning on physical and psychoemotional loads

    6)    Assessment of the logic of recreational (sanogenic) or pathological adaptations of the organism to different environmental changes (meteodependence, meteosensitivity, meteoropathies)

    7)    Comprehension of the logic of organism’s responses to different diseases


Treatment programs for stroke in the Clinic of Healthy Vessels


Stroke requires an individual approach to the diagnosis of the entire cardiovascular system.

Intravascular pressure increases inside the arterial and venous vessels due to improper blood redistribution. Only after examination of all segments in vascular water supply system “heart-arteries-capillaries-veins-heart” we can start treating stroke.


The effectiveness of stroke treatment at the Clinic of Healthy Vessels


Diagnostics (integrated examination) We suggest to choose the following treatment modes: out-patient, medicated or integrated treatment with rehabilitation Medical prophylaxis
We recommend Out-patient treatment Intensive medicated treatment Individually selected integrated treatment+ rehabilitation (neurorehabilitation)


  We recommend
It enables to improve health by
1-2 months for control of dynamics of changes in the vascular system Not effective 10-30% for the first  month of treatment 10-50% for 1-5 months Make prevention to avoid stroke

Feedback for the treatment of stroke in Clinic of Healthy Vessels

Review of a patient. Galyna Mykolaivna

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