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Fat on a stomack was broken by ultrasound

Ultrasonic cavitation + Radio wave lifting + Miostimulation

The unique combination of the most effective factors of correction and reduce excess weight. The combined effects of skin rejuvenation of face and body. The simultaneous effect of several factors lead to mutual gain efficiency at removing fat from the body. These procedures increase blood circulation, improves cellular metabolism. An integrated approach allows breaking down fat cells without damaging the skin (non-surgical liposuction). Under excess internal pressure the cell membrane is destroyed and the contents of cells derived naturally.

Ultrasonic cavitation is the formation of cavities (cavitation bubbles) in the liquid medium.

Adipose tissue contains large amounts of liquid. Under influence of low-frequency ultrasound large quantities of cavitation bubbles are formed in fat cells, displacing fat from cells. Increasing in size, microbubbles burst and released a large amount of energy. Thus there is a rupture of the membrane of fat cells and triglycerides go into the intercellular space. From there, decomposition products are transported by the lymphatic and venous system to the liver and excreted from the body.

Thus, penetrating deep into the tissue, providing ultra-low molecular and cellular massage, increases epithelial and vascular permeability, has anti-edema effect.

Tissues are saturated with oxygen, metabolism activates and thereby improves skin structure. This allows you to get rid of “orange peel”, excess body fat and restore the beauty of our body. The amount of fat is reduced. Removal of fat cells using ultrasound may guarantee the outcome for many years.

Splits fat cells in arms, abdomen, hips and thighs, improves skin elasticity. The procedure is painless and very comfortable.

Expected results.

With carefully chosen specifications the ultrasound procedure is painless, comfortable and effective. Yet it is called “non-surgical liposuction.” It allows you to simulate the shape by removing excess fat deposits without surgery.

Already the first visit may give a good visible result: weight loss and reduction of up to 2-3 cm, followed by the growth effect. After a course of treatments body gets the right form and shape. To save the results one supportive session should be conducted every 3 months, do not forget about diet and exercise.

Radio wave lifting.

Lifting, by its very nature is a tightening of the skin on the body part you want to improve. Skin rejuvenation is in the very best of all possible scenarios – by natural stimulation of cells leads to long-term tightening of the skin in areas where there is a loss of elasticity and firmness. Excellent results may be achieved in the treatment of stretch marks in the abdominal area, thighs and buttocks. During the procedure, the vacuum influence the skin, and skin is involved in pulling, and this time the device generates an electromagnetic wave. Thus achieved local heating of tissues. In addition, electromagnetic waves destroy the old collagen molecules and their fragments removed from the tissue. Instead, the skin forms a complete new collagen. Radio wave lifting is suitable both for women and men, who want to adjust the shape of the face, keep the skin young, supple and not think about age-related changes in the form of wrinkles or loss of skin elasticity. Effect after the procedure can be stored up to 2 – 3 years.

 Photon  application + miostimulation – intensely emit infrared rays that tighten the skin.

After these procedures both volume and weight is lost. But fat mass has a low density, so the client will notice first the loss of volume. At the same time encourage a healthy lifestyle.

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