Meteosensitivity is not a disease, but …

Have you ever thought about why so popular weather forecasts are on radio and television? It is not only to know in advance exactly how to get dressed and whether to take an umbrella. Unfortunately, weather factors can adversely affect the health of many of us.


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Statistics shows that almost a third of the world’s population has meteopatic reaction. And so, perhaps, in every family is a sort of “home forecaster” who predicts the weather changes, experiencing deterioration in their condition. Headache, heart pain, twisting joints – so expect rain, thunderstorms, storms, sudden cold or, conversely, warming. It’s not important which way the weather changes – the most important thing is that it is not sustainable, and our body reacts to it.


No periodic weather changes unlike seasonal often put forward higher requirements for compensatory-adaptive reactions. And these non-recurrent processes most influence on it in case of pathology. For example, a significant number of cases of deaths from cardiovascular disease occur in periods of frequent and sudden weather changes.

It should be said that the human body responses to the changes in the nature by restructuring of its biological systems. This is a kind of defensive reaction. There is a certain correction of the production of certain hormones, blood circulation, enzyme activity, the ability of the blood to thicken and more. It is clear that young and healthy people easily adapts to changing conditions, thus he practically does not feel weather changes.

People with chronic diseases also have meteotropic reactions a few days prior to real change, worsen the disease, but also cause undesirable changes in the health and mood. Sharp fluctuations in temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity, strong wind, magnetic storms, etc., may lead to pathological conditions. One of the main factors is the temperature lowering that causes chill. According to scientific medical literature, approximately 80% of patients with different diseases react to weather by health worsening. Preventive measures are especially important.

If you often get headaches or other unpleasant sensations because of the weather change you should raise the alarm. Such signs are the first signal that the body is wrong and should already take care of the health to prevent serious illness. It has long been known that the disease is easier to prevent than to treat it. Specialists in our Clinic are studying in depth the impact of meteorological factors for certain diseases, they determine the cause of the condition and prescribe an effective treatment that will help you again feel full of strength and health.

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