Patients’ responses. Tatyana D.

I was never ill. I have never lied in hospitals. I never knew about medications and injections. Never! Till thirty five years. And then suddenly it became badly: grew dark in eyes, hardly I did not lose consciousness. Soon I could not stand, staggering, could not sit, did not hold my head, I should hold it with my hands, and the worst, I saw badly, a dark-grey shroud stood before my eyes. But nothing was ill, only a heart aches from time to time. Doctors were at losses, they say, I am absolutely healthy, and advised not to overstrain. My bag changed into a medicine chest, instead of smell of perfumeries there was a smell of Barboval, instead of pomade it was a heap of pills. I already despaired in everything.

I found the Clinic of healthy vessels by chance – via the Internet. The treatment lasted for a whole year. Today I went back to the former life: do business, fly in a business trip, laugh, dance, glad to life, I have my favourite husband and two wonderful sonnies.

I fully trust people which work in this clinic.

And I thank God that got to them in time. Mrs. Ulyana knows, how to find a problem, and the most important to solve it. Thanks to the remarkable personnel of the clinic, because estimating a leader is possible after his inferiors. I live!

I wish to all patients of the Clinic of Healthy Vessels to live and believe in treatment. And to trust people which aim to help to them. Nothing bad will happen only good!

Tetyana D.


Diagnosis: Initial displays of insufficiency of cerebral blood circulation of as vestibular, permanent astheno-depressive and anxio-fobic syndrome with progressing paraxismal sympatho-adrenal vegetative disfunctions, cardialgia and senestopathia.

Osteochondrosis of spine, spondiloartrosis of pectoral section with the mildly expressed thoracalgia.

Incurability degree: high

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